Most feel that Julius Peppers was a ‘Salt of the Earth-type player’ but now there are some gray areas surrounding his grades at UNC

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This has just come out today, as classes are just days away from starting again, in Chapel Hill……

Possible Julius Peppers transcript shows low grades, multiple AFAM independent study classes at UNC

Low grades, some missing grades and some real gray academic areas, in what we read today from David Morrison, at the Greensboro News and Record…..

CLICK HERE to read all and let’s not take these transcripts too lightly…….

  • getting worse said,

    Several things make this interesting.

    1. It further proves basketball was involved. Peppers played both. His advisor in school who later became his agent admitted that coaches from both teams called daily asking him to find a way to keep Peppers eligible. Carey, the agent and advisor admited to pressuring professors to change grades for Peppers. specifically class Drama 15 which Peppers flunkled with a 59 grade score but the professor gave a re-test and carey admits to helping him with the take home test and Peppers pulled a D out of the class to stay eligible.

    2. unc said this did not go back past 2007. that now appears to be another lie.

    3. More troubling is this goes back to Swofford’s days as AD at unc as well as Dean being the basketball coach. I think it is now apparent why Swofford has been mum on all this. It was all set up on his watch.

    4. By releasing the transcript unc may have violated the privacy act.

  • crackride board monkey said,

    UNC athletics is the gift that keeps on giving.
    The Sporting News slammed The NCAA for not acting on this after what they imposed on Penn State.
    Things could get very interesting in Chapel Hole the next few weeks.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Got a feeling there’s gonna be some bills to pay before this one will go away.

  • Pete said,

    Time to clean house and put the whole athletic department on Probation at North Carolina.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Got some mail and re-adjusted the N&R link that was not working…

    Should be OK now and takes you to an update from Aaron Beard of the Associated Press.

    Don’t know what happened to the News and Record link, but they must have pulled it and then not re-directed it so we could still pick it up.

    AD now with AP…..

    Where is that Paul Lambeth when you need him. He needs to return and back up his Franklin Street Rams……Would love to hear his defense on this one and it better be good…..Better yet, is there a defense for this new round or is it now time to come completely clean???What all is really going on down there in Chapel Hill?????

  • getting even worse said,

    Article reprint from Sporting News.

    When Mark Emmert made his grandiose statement last month, when he stood up and showed everyone at Penn State and intercollegiate athletics who was boss, you just knew this day was coming.
    As fate would have it, it’s worse than anything Mr. Big Stick could have imagined.
    Considering the scope of academic fraud at North Carolina, what will NCAA president Mark Emmert do to address it? (AP Photo)
    “This,” one BCS athletic director told me Monday, “is Pandora’s Box.”
    And an ironic kick in the rear for the man who talked tough while his kingdom was crumbling around him. Guess what, Mr. Emmert?
    You’re gonna need a bigger stick.
    When he announced crippling sanctions against Penn State, when he stuck the governing body’s nose in a legal action, Emmert made it clear that he alone had been given power to ignore due process and NCAA bylaws to protect “the foundation of amateur sports.”
    Meanwhile, in Chapel Hill, N.C., the entire university is complicit in a systemic charade of bogus, no-show classes for athletes; a scheme that—you’re gonna love this part—the NCAA missed while investigating North Carolina over the past two years.
    Fortunately, the man with the Big Stick has the Raleigh News & Observer doing the heavy lifting, exposing the real threat to the foundation of intercollegiate athletic sports. Or as my athletic director friend said, “Pandora’s Box.”
    From 2007-2011, an internal review at UNC revealed 54 no-show classes in the Department of African and Afro American Studies where student-athletes were given grades for fake classes. The university says two department heads were responsible for the academic fraud, but the News & Observer says evidence suggests athletes were steered to classes by academic counselors assigned to the athletic department.
    Think about that: the athletic department and a department of academics conspiring to keep students eligible so they can play games. This isn’t high school, everyone. This is one of the most respected academic institutions in the world cheating to keep athletes eligible.
    So while Mr. Big Stick thumped his chest about Penn State—before and after delivering the sanctions—we haven’t heard squat from him about what will become the worst infractions case in the history of college sports. And that was before the latest mind-numbing details released Monday by the News & Observer: the gross case of academic fraud could go back a decade—and include North Carolina’s legendary men’s basketball program.
    Apparently, this isn’t important enough for Emmert to drop Death Penalty suggestions on national television morning shows, or speak to the horror of it all on PBS or ESPN, or to anyone else shoving a microphone in front of the face of the NCAA.
    This, Mr. Emmert, is the foundation of amateur sports. This, Mr. Emmert, is the one thing that can bring down the façade that is billions in television dollars on the backs of student-athletes. This, Mr. Emmert, is the very thing that can and will underscore the one dirty secret the NCAA has tried for decades to hide: college sports is a glorified minor leagues for professional sports.
    This, Mr. Big Stick, is your Pandora’s Box.
    Say what you want about the NFL being a thug league, at least it doesn’t purport itself as one thing while acting like another. It hires felons and drunks and wife beaters, and does it in the name of professionalism.
    The NCAA uses felons and drunks and girlfriend beaters, and simply moves them around from school to school and upper division to lower division all in the name of “giving kids a second chance.”
    But there’s no avoiding academic fraud; no escape from what it exposes and how it jeopardizes the lifeblood of a multi-billion dollar, tax-exempt industry. There’s no denying the reality that if this unthinkable case of academic fraud is happening at North Carolina, where else is it hiding?
    It’s easy to get emotional about a pedophile, and make snap decisions in the name of children. It resonates with everyone and produces instant credibility—no matter how skewed the process.
    What happens when Emmert has to make a real decision? What happens when the very existence of college sports comes into play and the general public isn’t as engaged as Joe Sixpack was with Penn State?
    This is your Pandora’s Box, Mark Emmert.
    You’re gonna need a bigger stick.

  • Andy Durham said,

    With all that is coming out of this, this is pretty crazy too:

    Attempts by WRAL to reach Julius Peppers’ agent, Carl Carey, went unanswered Monday. Carey was Peppers’ academic advisor at UNC before becoming his professional agent.

  • Tom said,

    I don’t know how UNC and the NCAA are going to address these issues. It is obvious that the State fans and other ABC’ers want UNC to go down in a blaze. I find it amazing that anybody is surprised by athletes taking the easiest classes which require a minimum amount of work if any. This has been going on forever. You could research Harvard’s athletic program and you will find the same thing. Should it be fixed? Obviously yes. The only reason most of the people on this site want this investigated is because they HATE UNC! It should be fixed because the athletes are attending college and they should be expected to get a degree just like any other student. They should earn it.

  • Andy Durham said,


    I also feel most fans of the teams that oppose North Carolina want to beat the Heels when the Heels are at their best and at full strength….It is not really much fun to beat a team when they have been stripped down to lower scholarship levels and when they are not working with a full load and North Carloina could still get hit more before this is all said and done…..

    In a real close look sometimes I don’t think it is the hatred among the different teams as much as it is the deep driven competitive spirit….Each team whether it be UNC or State in football or UNC, Duke and State in basketball, just wants to beat their rival so bad it becomes top priority….

    It can’t be life or death, but it can come pretty close…..You want to beat the Baby Blue if you are in Red or in dark Blue, but when it is all over you still have to respect Coach Smith and Coach WIlliams from over the years and Coach Dooley and maybe Mack Brown too….Some of the other football coaches didn’t stick around long enough to make an impact….

    That is what a lot of this is and I feel this is strong point….Making an impact…..Smith made an impact, Sloan made an impact, Coach K made an impact, Jimmy V made an impact/lasting impression, Maybe not Herb Sendek as much….Roy Williams made an impact…..

    You love to beat these guys if they are your opponent, but when the war is over and the blood has dried, you still have to respect each other, cause you went to battle pretty much for a lifetime…..

    This stuff could get ugly, but it is nothing a good game of heavy-hitting tackle football can’t cure….UNC is not down all that much this year in football and we will have to see how all of this(the sanctions) effects them in the future……

    Good hard-nosed battles ahead……

  • ABC said,

    Have you ever wondered why so many are ABC fans?
    Could it possibly be because UNC fans touted a bogus, supposedly “Carolina Way” for eons that was totally crap?
    ABC fans suspected for years that UNC cheats in athletics and now it is being proven true.
    SO TAKE YOUR MEDICINE HOLE FANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • no sympathy said,

    Sorry but no respect for Dean, Roy, and Mack. Proof is out they cheated for years, all the while touting “Public Ivy” and the Carolina Way. Show’s over boys.
    Tom, nothing wrong with easy classes for athletes, as long as they are open to all. But changing grades, no attendance and no work required is unacceptable.

  • Tom said,

    That definitely has to be fixed. You should earn your grades and your degree. My daughter goes to UNC, but I am not an avid UNC fan.I did not attend an ACC school, but I real enjoy the competition in the ACC. I attend UNC, NC State, Wake, Clemson and Duke games. All of these schools are great and the athletic programs at each school have their strengths. The majority of the fans at each school are great, but there is a vocal minority at each school that hate each other. I mean HATE each other. They would rather see a school get the death penalty than actually fix the problem. This in not just a anti UNC sentiment. There are plenty of Carolina fans that hate the other schools. It is important to uncover these issues so that they can be fixed. It is obvious that some fans greatest moments are the failures of others.

  • Gfan said,

    It is also a great feeling to whip your rival 5 years straight while everyone knows they cheated to keep their top athletes. Also while the interim coach says they are the flagship school of the NC…what a joke.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Do you think this will raise the heat on the State-Carolina football game this year, since the Pack Pride site blew the whistle on UNC?

    Where do you see this going?????