Duke football throws away their playbooks and goes digital:Nothing but I-Pads for the Blue Devils from now on

Posted by Andy Durham on August 14, 2012 at 10:10 pm under College | Comments are off for this article

Back in the day if you lost your football playbook, you were a dead man…If you showed up for a team meeting without your playbook, you were off the team…If your playbook ended up in the hands of the other team, you became a foreign-exchange student on your way to Siberia for the Winter….Now at Duke, there is no more playbook…

What was once on paper is now all digitally loaded into an I-Pad and that is your playbook at Duke….No more paper for the Blue Devils…It is all on the I-Pad these days at Duke….If you lose that, then you are forced to try and name all of the Blue Devils currently in the NFL….

Good story though and some may think that the Blue Devils threw their playbooks away years ago and that they have been going without one and making it up as they go along, ever since Sonny Jurgenson graduated(Sure hope he got that Sheepskin/Diploma) and left Durham for the NFL….

Not true and the Blue are due and they will do it Digitally from now on, in the new I-Pad era at DUKE University…..

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