Preseason Coaches Poll from the News and Record

Posted by Andy Durham on August 14, 2012 at 9:50 am under High School | 16 Comments to Read

Here is the preseason high school football coaches poll from Sunday’s News and Record and this will give you a good idea who the area coaches see as the top teams, entering the first games of the season, this Friday night…

1) Page…8 first place votes….156 total votes
2) Northern Guilford…5 first place votes…142 total votes
3) Dudley…2 first place votes..122 total votes…
4) Ragsdale… 98 votes…
5) Northwest Guilford…1 first place vote…75 votes…
6) Reidsville …1 first place vote…71 votes…
7) Northeast Guilford…65 votes…
8) East Forsyth…2 first place votes…64 votes…
9) Burlington Cummings…57 votes…
10) Thomasville…49 votes…

Not sure if this was on-line or not, but this is the N&R web

  • Page fan said,

    No Southeast at all?

  • HS Football said,

    I think you can’t place teams in certain spots just cause where they finished last year. Yes where they finished last year is one part of the equation you have to also look at what every team has coming back…..With that being said this is how I see Guilford County going into week 1.

    1.Northern Guilford
    3.NW Guilford
    6.HP Central
    7.SE Guilford
    8.NE Guilford

  • Damon said,

    Wow. Talk about a slap in the face. This poll will be posted in at least on Kid’s football locker everyday! SEG lost little to nothing off of last year’s team. These kids have been winning at all levels since 8th grade. If they aren’t top 3 by the end of the year, I’d be surprised.

  • Rex Ryan said,

    If you need bulletin board material to be motivated you’re probably going to get your butt kicked anyway!

  • improved said,

    Grimsley is much improved. They are much older and a stronger coaching staff. No more sleeping on the Whirlies. they can play. They will give Page a game this year. All those young kids they got beat on the last 2 years are now seniors and much bigger.

  • go tigers said,

    Have to agree with Damon. I have SEG in the top 3 in the area.

  • Can't agree said,

    I can’t agree with SE in the top 3 right now….They have had the hype before and still finished with a less than stellar record. Until they beat some of the teams their not suppose too (Dudley, Page) I don’t have them in my top 5….


  • Vegas Mike said,

    I know they try to mix a little bit of 4a, 3a, and 2a not be biased. but the top 10 teams in the Piedmont Triad area are as follows.
    T10) NE

    Vegas MIke

  • Gfan said,

    Alright Andy it is time for you to post your GCHS picks of the week page. I am ready to post my upsets of the week. This poll stuff is getting old. Let’s see who the winners will be Friday night.

  • John said,

    “Grimsley is much improved. They are much older and a stronger coaching staff. No more sleeping on the Whirlies. they can play. They will give Page a game this year”

    If by “they will give Page a game this year,” you mean Page will let Grimsley score, then yes, I’ll agree with you 🙂

    All kidding aside, I hope Grimsley stays healthy this year; I wish them and all teams in the conference, and all the young men who will suit up and take the field, good luck.

  • ross said,

    It’s kind of hard to move up in the rankings of a preseason poll , but you can move up in a regular season poll.”Just win baby!”

  • hashmark said,

    Improved I agree Grimsley is much better but there are very few seniors starting. All those sophomores that had to play on the varsity last year are now Juniors and they are bigger and stronger. I also agree with Vegas Mike he has East Forsyth at 3. I think they could be very good this year.

  • The Monster said,

    Either Northwest is too low or Reidsville is too high. Northwest totally crushed them up in Rockingham. It was not even close.

  • Agree!!! said,

    Agree!!! NW crushed Reidsville….I know NW is going to be good this year but I think Reidsville is way too high. I don’t think they need to be in any preseason top 10.

  • Ben L. Smith Eagles said,

    That’s right keep sleeping on Smith! NW Guilford is going to be the first! GO EAGLES!!!!!!!

  • Da Truff said,

    Watch out for the Whirlies.They look much more disciplined this year. The additions to their coaching staff have led to significant changes. These players have been in the weight room 4 sure!