Aunt Eloise(98.1FM) 44 years on the radio as of today

Posted by Andy Durham on August 15, 2012 at 6:21 pm under Uncategorized | Comments are off for this article

Aunt Eloise, aka Toby Young, with now 44 years on the radio as of today and currently at 98.1FM WBRF, in Galax, Virginia….

A long time around the radio over the years for Aunt Eloise, a very big NASCAR and Clemson Tigers sports fan and she/he worked in with several different ‘morning teams’ over the years at 104.1 WTQR radio, including Aunt Eloise with Dale Mitchell, Billy Buck, Big Paul Franklin and Brother Bill Dodson….

That’s 44 years overall on the radio and that goes back to an AM station down in Columbia, South Carolina back in early days, after Toby Young(Aunt Elosie) had attended/graduated from Clemson….

Good job to Aunt Elosie on your 44 years of radio connections and he/she is now teamed up with Cousin Andy, on 98.1FM in the mornings, from 6-10am….Long live Toby ‘Forever’ Young and the great character of Aunt Eloise, that he created so many years ago……

Now at right around age 66, he got started back in 1968, he/she should be good for about 15-20 more good years…..

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