High School Football picks for tonight and “Do you smell what ‘The Jock’ is cooking” or do you see some upsets on the horizon???

Posted by Andy Durham on August 17, 2012 at 10:49 am under High School | 15 Comments to Read

Here are tonight’s games with the picks down below and do you go against the grain in any of these games??? Best chance for an upset maybe in this order maybe:HP Andrews, Grimsley, Western, Eastern and do you see or smell any others cooking??? No radio games tonight, but we will have scores on the radio during the Grasshoppers’ game on AM950 up until 10pm and we will also have scores/updates here at the site up until midnight or later tonight….We got almost all of the JV scores for you last night and will try and do the same with the Varsity games tonight…See games and picks below and let us know if you see or smell any upsets….

High Point Central vs. High Point Andrews at Simeon Stadium
Grimsley at Ragsdale
Smith at Northwest Guilford
Southeast Guilford at Southwest Guilford
Eastern Guilford at Southern Guilford
Western Guilford at Northeast Guilford
Davie County at Page
Southern Durham at Dudley
Northern Guilford(OPEN)

The Touchdown Tally Projected Winners:
High Point Central
Northwest Guilford
Southeast Guilford
Northeast Guilford
Southern Guilford

  • baseballfan said,

    High Point Central
    Northwest Guilford
    Southeast Guilford
    Northeast Guilford
    Eastern Guilford

  • mark said,

    Northwest Guilford
    Southwest Guilford
    Southern Guilford
    NE Guilford
    Page – closer than people think

  • Gfan said,


  • Andy Durham said,

    Kannapolis Brown beat Shelby last night 44-0 and there is big one down that way tonight with Bulter vs. Mallard Creek….

  • JC said,

    Upset Special

    Grimsley 18
    Ragsdale 14

  • HAHA!!!! said,

    @ JC

    Ragsdale might beat Grimsley by those scores combined!

  • Tru Upset said,

    Smith is going to beat NW

    Smith – 35
    NW – 21

  • Dave said,

    After watching coaching staff at JV game last night, Grimsley is in trouble. Ragsdale’s JV’s just pounded, what looked like an big and althletic Grimsley team. Grimsley must not do much off season conditioning.

  • John said,

    Andy are there any updates on the status of tonight’s games due to the weather?

  • Andy Durham said,

    No delays that I have heard about….Looks like light to steady rain the type that could delay a baseball game for about a half-hour, but I think the football games should be OK and ready to go at 7:30 with Kickoff….

    The only kicker would be if we get any lightning in the area….Haven’t see any lightning so far, just light to steady rain and that is the look from downtown Greensboro…

    6:20pm update….

  • FootballMom said,

    You need to take a walk over to Grimsleys field and watch for yourself how hard those boys and the coaches have been working before you have something rude to say about them! They have come along way in more than just football under the direction of Coach Coiro!z

  • not so rude said,

    Mom, saying the other team is going to beat your team big is not rude, just an opinion. Grimsley is much improved and played very well tonight.

  • Not A Page Parent said,

    This is just not right, I make a comment and I’m removed. Others make comments and they are still here. Thin skin people at Page or what.
    Grow some and taken like a man, this is a blog.

  • Damon said,

    Mark……………….why? Southwest Guilford never had a chancce.

  • antispin said,

    Grimlsey looks to be improved but I still do not see them beating

    East Forsyth
    NW Guilford
    SE Guilford
    HP Central

    I see. 4-6 season so I was wrong they will be improved