High School Football Saturday Morning Rewind:Hayes has one of those days/nights and a WILD one it was!

Posted by Andy Durham on August 18, 2012 at 10:43 am under High School | 7 Comments to Read

(We have been doing the ‘Saturday Morning Rewind’ for many years, so we should keep this going.)

Just getting blown away by looking at those Richard Hayes numbers from last night’s Dudley-Southern Durham game….I will just touch on a few of the numbers from last night’s games, but Hayes in some ways, has stole the show…

Six touchdowns and 225 yards on 28 carries for Hayes and this weighs pretty heavy if you are looking for an early entry for Player of the Week….This brings back thoughts of Ricky Lewis Jr. and Ricky put up some super numbers as the Dudley Panthers’ QB, but I’m not sure if Ricky ever put up numbers quite like that and he led Dudley to back-to-back State Titles….Ricky was something, but these numbers by Hayes are something that blows you away…Good note too on the Dudley win and you haven’t seen this much from Dudley in the past, Ely-Jah(Elijah) Harris was 5-6 on his PAT kicks and that is impressive from the Dudley kicking department, that has really not been there over the years…Harris has been working out with Don Osborne, the ‘kicking guru’ over in Thomasville and Harris gets there an hour early every Sunday and Mr. Osborne works one-on-one with him and it seems to be really paying off…Don Osborne is nearly 80, but he can stil coach kickers and Harris appears to be on his way….

Keep up the good work Hayes and Harris…Jamal Petty with 5 TD’s/193 yards rushing/90 yards on kick returns and it is almost like can you say ‘Dion Bratcher’ for Southeast Guilford in just three quarters and Petty is off and running and we don’t have his complete numbers, but when you look at the early exit polls from last night’s games, the Dudley Panthers at Southeast Guilford game is starting to take on a whole new meaning as a ‘Big Game’ contest for this season…

We posted some of the Northwest Guilford numbers from last night and the Vikings did a very good job of spreading the wealth around and we haven’t seen any more numbers as of yet, so send some our way and I will add to the ‘Saturday Morning Rewind’ later on today…..I can just keep posting in this blog section and we can add in numbers and stats as we get them in and we will be doing that….

Off to a good start and Hayes, Harris and Petty have grabbed our attention here early/semi-early this morning….

Others we’re adding in….Malik Moseley Southern Guilford 5 TD’s and 155 yards…
Tyrone Hamer from Northeast Guilford 3 TD’s…
Reid Flippin big night passing for Western Guilford with right at 176 yards…
Germaine Pratt with a big defensive night for High Point Central
DeShawn Jones with 156 yards rushing and 2 TD’s for Grimsley….
Joe Pantuso with 2 TD receptions for Ragsdale…..
Justin Johnson from High Point Central with 16-44 for 206 yards passing and 248 yards total offense…..

And BTW….Matthews Butler beat Mallard Creek last night 27-6 was the final….

More numbers to follow as we can get them in….

  • Dave said,

    Pantuso had 2 TD receptions for Ragsdale

  • Ryan said,

    Darius Graves ran 96 yards for a kick off return for Dudley as well ….awesome job. The team was just awsome last night. I give all of the players a big Guilford County hug….Great job guys. Well deserved. Take one game at a time.

  • Damon said,

    Jamal Petty had 193 yds rushing and another 90 on kick returns. He also had an 80 return for a TD called back. Destine Blue ran the ball 14 times for 97 yds and two TDs.

  • Would love some stats on Rags said,

    Sure would love some stats on Ragsdale from Friday night’s game. Guess we’ll have to look to Mike Ellis from Jamestown for the details. No stats were reported to the paper. Just saw Grimsley. Looking forward to a great Ragsdale Dudley game. Both started with great opening games.

  • SEVSSW said,

    Southwest and Southeast guilford was a shootout in the first half 20-21 going into halftime and then the cowboys just collapsed this team could be really strong or weak,but the Falcons could win their confrence since page looks real weak this year it could be them and dudley competing..but SWG could be a team to watch out for the next coming up weeks and this comes from a netural fan if they stay consistent they can be really good…Also who is this shipman kid at southwest he scored 3 touchdowns in the first half? i’ve never heard of him

  • seasonedfan said,

    Oh well, I see there are still no stats on the Ragsdale Tigers from Friday’s game against Grimsley yet…Phooee! But, on a positive note: I was at the game, and saw – in person – what a good team they have…And, the atmosphere was electric! Even the announcer seemed to catch the bug. And a big THANKS to you, Mr. Announcer, because there was a time or two when I was worried those Whirlies were gonna serve us up a can of whoop ***; then, about the same moment, I’d close my eyes to the sweet sound of – “And the Ragsdale Tigers score again!” I hope the next time I’m there, that same positive vibe will be as well. See you on the 31st!

  • Greg said,

    Interested to see what kind of a season High Point Central has this year. They have one of the most athletic QB’s around. He’s a strong, fast athlete that can make plays on the ground. But i wonder how affective he can be if he’s in an offense that throws it every down. If they use him in the right way, HPC has a chance to be really good.