She Won The Gold, But Now Her Name Has Been Sold!

Posted by Don Moore on August 19, 2012 at 8:53 am under Amateur | 2 Comments to Read

Gabby Douglas, who was nick-named the “Flying Squirrel” at the Olympics, wants to use that name, she has to play some jerk or at least some lawyers. It seems that a college student traded marked the name during the Olympics.

Personally, I doubt that the name can be trade-marked because of “Prior Art” – anybody remember Bullwinkle and Rocky, The Flying Squirrel?

Read more at TMZ.

  • Ervin Ford Jr said,

    It’s funny that some clown that has never put in the years of work to become and Olympian could do something like that. That’s just a shame !!
    But some people are just Shameless as is being shown by this college kids actions.

  • Not so fast said,

    I agree in principle that it sounds bad on behalf of the “college student” that may have secured the name but I as a business person, I am looking at a different way. Hopefully, the person that owns it will work with this young ladies group and allow a reasonable offer for the name. There are business throughout the US that nothing but these very things daily. Even godaddy does this on a regular basis with “potential” hot names for businesses. America is about the opportunity to make a living on your own. Personally I wish I could have been thinking that idea during the olympics. I am also sure that anyone reading this message would have done the same if they thought they could have made an extra $5 or $10k.