High School Football for this coming Friday night

Posted by Andy Durham on August 20, 2012 at 9:48 am under High School | 9 Comments to Read

Page(0-1) at Northern Guilford(0-0)
Ragsdale(1-0) at Dudley(1-0)
Northeast Guilford(1-0) at Southeast Guilford(1-0)
Northwest Guilford(1-0) at Western Guilford(0-1)
Eastern Guilford(0-1) at Southwest Guilford(0-1)
High Point Andrews(0-1) at Smith(0-1)
High Point Central(1-0) at Asheboro(0-1)….Note:Asheboro lost opening game to Providence Grove 21-20….
Wheatmore(1-0) at Point Christian(1-0)

Southern Guilford(OPEN)

  • HS Football said,

    Northern over Page
    Dudley over Ragsdale
    SE Guilford over NE Guilford
    NW Guilford over Western
    SW over Eastern
    Andrews over Smith
    HPC over Asheboro

  • Greg said,

    HS Football, I agree with all of your picks accept I think Ragsdale will beat Dudley in a shootout, two very good QBs in Hayes and Herndon. I think there will be alot points scored in that game. I also think Page will come back strong this week and beat Northern Guilford. I know that Page is a very angry team right now and I bet Coach G will have them mentally prepared for this game.

  • Damon said,

    This week will reveal a lot about Football in Guilford County.
    Page was beaten soundly last week. Will the Coaching staff make the necessary adjustments? Will the Defense stand up? I still believe in Putnam and Page. Northern has an one of the best players in the State, but I expect Coach G to find a way to right the ship. PAGE over Northern. I have a lot of respect for the Coach and staff at Ragsdale, but I just don’t see them winning this one. DUDLEY over Ragsdale. Last year SEG had Northeast beat at the half and then the whistle blew for the 2nd half and SEG fell apart. This year’s game is at SEG and these Falcons are ready. SEG over Northeast. NORTHWEST rolls over Western. SW beats Eastern. ANDREWS beats Smith. HPC over Asheboro.

  • HS Football said,

    I can’t agree with you guys on Page getting Northern. Northern is loaded and looking for a little payback after getting beat up pretty bad against Page last year. IMO Page starts the season 0-2

    I think Dudley’s defense is the reason they beat Ragsdale.

  • Damon said,

    I’m not saying it’s a lock. It’s probably the shakiest pick on here.

  • fridaynightlights said,

    While I have to go with Northern this Friday, I can’t agree with the statement that Northern is loaded.They still have TJ, but lost several great players from last year. Page just lost a lot more than Northern did. Should be a good game, but Northern pulls it out in the end. And I hate to be a “nancy” but this might be a down year for GC as a whole based on last Friday’s outcomes.

  • John said,

    Page will have a chance against Northern if they can keep the score down. The offense will have to find a way to keep T.J. Logan off the field. A grind-’em’-out approach will be needed by the Pirates. Page’s offense did some good things last week against Davie County, but hurt themselves with turnovers and dropped passes. A steady ground attack with some high percentage passes, maybe one or two deep balls to keep Northern honest.

    Until they fix their holes on defense, that’s the best chance Page has.

    They can’t get into a shoot-out with Northern. Logan will run them out of the stadium by himself.

    As I said, we’ll see how Page reacts this week. It will be interesting and I will be there! Go Pirates!!

  • Mike said,

    NG -5.5
    NW –15.5
    Dudley -6
    SE -7
    HPC -18
    HPA -7
    SWG -6.5

    Vegas Mike

  • Riley Terik said,

    Southwest should come put strong this week I was impressed as they looked like a unstoppable offense in the first half then they just feel apart but they should rebound..Andy I have a question who is this shipman guy at southwest he scored 3 times in the first half on 5 carriers? Any idea is he a transfer cause this kid is a great player but I’ve never heard of him