Looking at the Guilford County Top Ten Teams for this week

Posted by Andy Durham on August 22, 2012 at 2:26 pm under High School | 21 Comments to Read

Getting a few Guilford County Schools Top Ten football poll suggestions at the E-mail box this week and here is one that caught my attention this morning and this might just be the one that fits for this week….What do you think??? We will come up with the official/unofficial poll on Friday morning or late Thursday….

Here is the one that is leaning in our way for this week:

1)Northern Guilford(0-0)
4)TIE:Southeast Guilford(1-0)/Northwest Guilford(1-0)
7)High Point Central(1-0)
8)Southern Guilford(1-0)
9)Northeast Guilford(1-0)
10)TIE:Grimsley(0-1)/High Point Andrews(0-1)

  • Greg said,

    #4: NW over SE. Northwest crushed what could be respectable team in Smith. Southeast did destroy SW, but SW is weak this year, and has quit in the second half numerous times over the past few years. Not taking away anything from SE though, they are a very good team and can compete in their conference.

    #10: Grimsley over Andrews, I just feel like they’re a better team after sticking close with Ragsdale on the season opener. Much better team then they were last year.

  • HS Football said,

    Ragsdale maybe a little too high as well. They just did get past Grimsley….Also SE Guilford is going to have to show they can keep it up before I put them in front of teams like HPC, Ragsdale, and NWG. This is how I see it going into Week 2……

    NW Guilford
    HP Central
    SE Guilford
    NE Guilford

  • Bob H. said,

    1. Northern
    2. Dudley/Ragsdale (Will be determined Friday)
    4. Page
    5. SE Guilford
    6. NW Guilford
    7. HP Central
    8. Grimsley
    9. NE Guilford
    10. Southern

    I deffinitley wouldn’t count Page out. They’re a good team with a good QB in Jordan Putnam. If Page beats Northern this week, I wouldn’t consider it an upset. As for Dudley and Ragsdale, we will have to see Friday. Ragsdale barely got past Grimsley but I think Grimsley might be better than everyone thinks.

  • Damon said,

    1. Northern
    2. Dudley & SE Guilford
    4. Northwest
    5. Ragsdale
    6. Page
    7. High Pt. Central
    8. Southern Guilford
    9. Northeast Guilford
    10 Grimsley

  • Ol' Bawl Coach Jr. said,

    1. Northern
    2. Dudley
    3. Ragsdale
    4. Page
    5. NWG
    6. SEG
    7. Grimsley
    8. HP Central
    9. Southern Guilford
    10. NEG

    Key matchups for Dudley and Northern will tell alot about #1 and #2…………Northern/Page, Dudley/Ragsdale this week and Dudley gets Northern next week. Not sold on SE until they play some strong out of conference competition. Folks had Page going for a repeat this season……not gonna happen this year but an “upset” win over Northern could get them back on track. Expect a HUGE crowd over at Dudley for the game with Ragsdale and depending on playoff seedings these two could have a rematch later. Grimsley could surprise a few teams……….we shall see.

  • PirateFan said,

    If Ragsdale beats Dudley, and Page beats Northern… We’ll be looking at the game of the year in Week 4 with Ragsdale vs. Page at Kirby Statdium.

  • Gfan said,

    Page wins this week. SEG and Dudley go down. All three very close games.. Too much hype after one week of nonconference play.

  • Bob H. said,

    I wanna know which people think is more important… Ragsdale vs. Dudley or Page vs. Northern???

  • Just Sayin!!! said,

    Sorry you guys are crazy to think that SE Guilford belongs at 2 or 3……I know everyone thinks SE has a great team but based on what they did last season and what they have done this year I can’t put them higher than 5 right now. Once they prove themselves against some better programs then we can move them up the list! Just like in College Football if a team has been down for 4 or 5 years they don’t open up the season ranked 3 cause they beat a sub 500 team in a season opener. They are going to have to sustain and win a few weeks in a row before they move up the list…..No matter how much their fans think they should be 2 or 3…….Just Sayin!!!!!

  • Mike said,

    Northern- stop Logan? if so, vulnerable to lose.
    Dudley- overhyped? we shall see, I dont think so.
    NW- feisty, can beat anyone on this list…but could also lose to anyone on this list.
    Page- well coached, talented enough to still make some noise
    Ragsdale- got the talent, struggled with Grimsley
    SE- beat a top dog and we can talk…. I think they cause a ruckus in conf.
    HPC- we will see, good defense
    NE- not sure of… lots of speed
    SG-not quite sold… beat NE or SE and they move upz
    Grimsley- much improved, dont sleep on them or they might send u home packing.

    Vegas MIke

  • mark said,

    Bob H. says:
    August 22, 2012 at 9:49 pm

    I wanna know which people think is more important… Ragsdale vs. Dudley or Page vs. Northern???

    I would have to say Page-Northern. Both are defending state champs and one of them is walking out of there with a losing record. If it’s Page they would be 0-2 and staring at two more tough non-conference games.

    But I’ll be at Dudley Friday night. I want to check out that new stadium and Dudley-Ragsdale always puts on a good show.

  • Rashadpnj89 said,

    I’m hoping Page wins tomorrow night so it can be a true show down next Friday at AJ Simeon Stadium.

  • Tigers said,

    Dudley is not over-hyped, probably the opposite. They are old, fast, and athletic. Dudley rolls tomorrow against a good Ragsdale team.

  • Mike said,

    Im quoting multiple people on multipe forums who think Dudley is overhyped. I personally dont, in fact…. I would have Dudley and EF as my 1,2 in this area ii it wasnt for NG having a bye this first week.
    Dudley 35
    Ragsdale 17

    Vegas MIke

  • Whatever!!! said,

    Dudley overhyped? If anything its Ragsdale that’s over hyped…..They just did beat Grimsley and I know everyone says Grimsley’s improved blah blah blah. Whatever!!!! If Ragsdale plans on hanging with HPC, E Forsyth, and NW Guilford they better show they can put away a weaker team!

    Picks are in!!!!
    Northern Rolls by 21 (Game of the week…..More like beat down of the week! Page goes 0-2 heading to Simeon next week with a shot at going 0-3….Is the ship already sinking this year?)

    Dudley by 14 (Sorry SE yall still got nothing on dem Panthers!!!!)

  • Andy Durham said,

    Page vs. High Point Central at Simeon Stadium next Thursday night….

  • tigers said,

    Ragsdale has a history of hanging with HPC, EF and NW just fine. 5 conference championships or co-champions in a row and severeal more going back to 3A mid-piedmont in a row. When is the last time one of those 3 beat Dudley?


  • @ tigers said,

    When was the last time one of those teams played Dudley?

    BTW from what I seen last Friday Ragsdale might be the 4th best team in the Piedmont Triad 4A

  • Billy C.Smith said,

    HPC beat Dudley 2 years ago in a 2nd or 3rd playoff game at Dudley.

  • uh no... said,

    Dudley beat Central in the 2nd round in 2009. Can’t remember when the played them before or since.

  • Billy C.Smith said,

    You may be right I think HPC knocked Ragsdale out of the playoffs 2 years ago.