Congratulations to Greensboro’s own John Isner(Page HS) who wins the Winston-Salem Open Tennis Tournament for the second straight year

Posted by Andy Durham on August 25, 2012 at 9:47 pm under Professional | 4 Comments to Read

Two in a-row now for the big man, 6’9 John Isner from Page High School, as he takes the Winston-Salen Open tennis tournament in 2012, after also claiming the singles crown in 2011….

from…(Spencer Turkin)

WINSTON-SALEM — The Winston-Salem Open became a happy homecoming for John Isner as he clinched back-to-back tournament championships with a 3-6, 6-4, 7-6 (11-9) victory in the Men’s Singles Final over Tomas Berdych of the Czech Republic.

CLICK HERE to read all about John Isner’s Tennis Title, from the News and Record….

  • giving back to the community said,

    If I remember correctly, I thought I heard that John Isner rarely comes back into the Greensboro community, show up for community events or do interviews with the local non tournament or national media. I am not 100% sure if that is still true or not but from what I can tell it is true. You always hear that tennis is falling by the side in the US because kids cannot relate to the current “stars” in the game. Plus, the US does not have many (if any) players at the top that the public can relate to. Thus, if John Isner does not do the PR stops that I have heard about in his own home town, then I can see why tennis is falling out of favor with the men. If I am wrong, then someone please correct me.

  • Andy Durham said,

    I have heard the same thing before, but let’s hope we are both wrong…..

  • Mike said,

    You are both wrong. Dont ask, I just know.

    Vegas Mike

  • learn from the best said,

    Tennis needs to learn from the NBA and NFL how to promote its league and players. If the tennis association wants my view (and no one is asking), I would suggest the following model from other leagues. Do what the NBA and NFL have done. When someone like John comes back to the triad – they should bring him back to Greensboro (or in W-S but at least in the triad) and have him give a speeching engagement, playing 1 on1 with kids or putting on a client at a local YMCA, Boys & Girls Club or city park for the public exhabition with as many kids as you can fit into ever corner (white, black, hispainic, asian – youth, old, etc). Tape and promote these events during each tournament across the country and televise them during tournaments, with the local media and on periodic ads for the sport on TV throughout the year. This would not only generate interest in the sport but create “hero’s” of the players within their hometown communities and the player community that actually follows them. It would also increase product sales because you would be able the Nike’s of the world behind it. This could also be a great way for the greater Greensboro/W-S/HP commerce of chambers to promote themselves to a national audience via supporting their local atheletes. A win win for all – even those of us (like me) that could care less about the sport – you know the Tiger Woods effect.