High School Football Saturday Morning rewind:Teams and players emerging!

Posted by Andy Durham on August 25, 2012 at 10:48 am under High School | 4 Comments to Read

This is not an emergency situation yet, but teams and players are staring to emerge here early in the 2012 season….Over at Dudley last night, Colson Herndon led his Tigers to the big ‘road win’ over the Panthers and that one hit OT….Joe Pantuso is emerging as a key ‘big play’ receiver for Ragsdale and Brandon Walker is following up on a very solid junior, here in the start to his senior season for the Tigers…Should being hearing more news on the Ragsdale defense as the day moves on…Herndon shows us we may not have all the top passers in the state of North Carolina right here in Guilford County this season, but we do have the leaders under and behind center…..Colson Herndon, Richard Hayes(Dudley), Will Greene(Southeast), Andrew Ritz(Northwest), Justin Johnson(HP Central) and then Austin Coltrane for Northern Guilford last night versus Page, those kids are stepping up and taking the lead for their teams and helping to give their teams the lead and that in turn, gives their teams a very good opportunity to win ball games…..

The runningbacks keep on bringing it home and Jamal Petty had another ‘Big Game’ for Southeast Guilford last night with the three TD’s and 231 yards rushing…..We will see more from kids like T.J. Logan, Malik Parker and others as the season keeps rolling….We roll with more below from our blogs last night and earlier this morning and hope to have more defensive players up here as the day moves on….TJ Ruff with a very big game for Northern Guilford last night……..

Those rankings will get interesting and have more on that down below too….NG, Ragsdale, SEG, NWG and HP Central are looking to create some early separation from the other teams out there….Again more below on Page-NG since that is the game that we attended last night…..

Solid job by Jordan Putnam Friday night for Page and I think that Page offensive line is impressive…Their size alone can get your attention in a hurry…Both teams had TD’s called back and Austin Coltrane was the spark that got Northern moving in the second half when he took over at QB….Malik Parker also gave Northern a push when he was in there at RB for NG…The big backfield packages with Bernard Sindab, Chris Ripberger and Ryan Johnston also seemed to work well….Tevin Morrison had a solid receiving night for Page and he looks like he will do a good job as the Pirates’s primary receiver this season….Kind of reminds you of Orlando Hatfield in some ways, but Hatfield was really good at the ripping the ball away from the defenders…TJ Ruff was there on time for NG on defense and stepped up on more than one occasion….

Fun game to watch, since it was in doubt right up till late in the game and both teams showed signs of promise coming out of this game and both know that they still have things to work on….Coach Weeks did one heck of job bringing his defense back this week for Page and he has said that this Page defense has to find it’s own identity and they did a lot of that tonight….Page will be ready to contend if they can keep on coaching some of those young kids up…..

Northern has the makings of a very good team and next week will be another good test with Dudley coming out to Spencer Dixon Road….Tre Purcell is another kid that played well for NG tonight…..

It will be a very quick turn around for Page, with the Pirates heading to Simeon Stadium to face High Point Central next Thursday night….

With all of those cramps hitting him and he defenders that were hitting him, I don’t think we saw the real TJ Logan tonigiht….He will probably get more done in the weeks to come, once he gets those cramps under control, but take nothing away from Page, their defense was ready for TJ tonight…..

The file is closing quickly and both teams(Page and Northern) and all of the teams have to start getting ready for their next games….Page at HP Central has to become the Pirates’ focus now as that game comes up real quick this Thursday night and then Northern will face a very tough Dudley team coming off of that heartbreaking loss in OT to Ragsdale….Quick recovery by Dudley is going to crucial too for the Panthers….They have to file that Ragsdale game and now place their attention toward NG…

SEG, NWG and Ragsdale are teams that are definitely emerging…..These are three teams that are really stepping up…Do we say 1)NG, 2)Ragsdale, Tie for 3)SEG and NWG….Is that the current fit??? NWG and SEG have not faced the real power opponents yet, but they will and Dudley still has to be right there with those teams and HP Central is looming very close right there in the mix…..There will some separation coming, but not quite yet……

  • Rico said,

    Just think? North Carolina State Coach giving Russell Wilson ultimatums and look what he did for Wisconsin and may be the starting quarterback for Seattle! A third round pick that stands 5’11!

  • Bob H. said,

    That Ragsdale/Dudley game was of the best I’ve ever seen at any level. The 4th quarter was unbeleivable, especially that final drive. QB Colson Herndon showed some great poise, trust in his teammates, and the ability to scramble and extend plays. He never paniced, even after that miscommunication on the shotgun snap. Walker and Pantuso had some increidble catches…Herndon and the Tigers are the real deal!

  • Andy Durham said,

    Winston Craig ran the ball back all the way for Ragsdale after recovering a fumble, but the Craig TD was called back due to penalty on the Rgasdale Tigers….Looked like Craig was having another big game on defense for Ragsdale…..Looks like #3 and #42 are having big years….#4 Xavier Jones, #5 Marquez Eleazor, #16 Brandon Walker, #20 Joe Pantuso and #12 Colson Herndon big on offense for Ragsdale….

    Edward Moseley, Emmanuel Moseley, Chris Register and Richard Hayes big for Dudley….

  • tigersfan said,

    Can’t remember the name, but Grimsley’s QB (and company) are quite effective as well.