Ragsdale Tigers stat pack from Friday night game at Dudley

Posted by Andy Durham on August 27, 2012 at 11:39 am under High School | 4 Comments to Read

Here are the key stats from the Ragsdale Tigers victory over the Dudley Panthers at Tarpley Stadium, last Friday night…..


Passing, Colson Herndon 12/18 for 94 yards, 2 TD’s, 1 TD rushing

Receiving, Brandon Walker 3/27, Joe Pantuso 5/61, 1 TD

Rushing, Marquez Eleazor 23/72, Xavier Jones 6/35, 1 TD


Winston Craig, 6 tackles, sack and fumble recovery

Duncan Sparks, 12 tackles

I.Milliken, 9 tackles

Bryce Walker, 7 tackles

Fred Davis 6 tackles

*****Looks like now 28 tackles on the year now for Sparks…..*****

  • reggie said,

    Even with all the mistakes it was one of the best total team efforts from a ragsdale team in years. Craig played great at DT. Dudley struggled to block him. The whole defense played well and it was needed as Hayes and Graves are very talented. Sparks made plays as well as Nwokolo, Sams, Davis and Milliken. two of Dudley’s drives came off of turnovers with ragsdale special teams. Dudley had one drive of 19 yards for a score and 28 or so on another.

    Offensively the team overcame adversity several times. O-line played well, backs ran hard, Herndon made good decisions and competed, and 2 great catches from Walker and Pantuso. Brandon Walker had a TD catch.

    Both coaching staffs were also on top of their game. Both staffs made adjustments at halftime but the players from each team adapted to the changes. Except for the penalites it was a well played game. Lot of hitting normally seen in November.

  • Glad to finally have stats said,

    THANK YOU for the details! I don’t know what’s happening with the News and Record…they don’t seem to have the stats…disappointing after a tremendous effort by all of the team members. Will watch for the Jamestown News full coverage. I was at the game and it was a great game by all, Ragsdale and Dudley players.

  • Mike L said,

    The school or team is responsible for turning stats in to the paper, unless the paper covers the game. That void is the niche that Greensboro Sports fills. It’s a lot of work to have accurate stats right after the game.

    I would agree that both teams played well.

  • mark said,

    I wonder about that Mike L – Ragsdale has always been pretty good about turning stats into the N&R – however this year there are very few recaps or box scores with stats. I find it hard to believe that all these teams that used to always turn in stats and box scores never do anymore.

    as to the Ragsdale stats above – Herndon had two rushing TDs and one TD pass. It was Walker that has the TD reception and Eleazer rushed for a TD.

    It was a great game in spite of all the mistakes and penalties both sides made. You know it was a great game when you are still hoarse Saturday morning.