New Carolina State-wide Top Ten Poll with Northern Guilford #2(3-A’s) and Ragsdale #9(4-A’s)

Posted by Andy Durham on August 28, 2012 at 1:03 pm under High School | 7 Comments to Read

Northern Guilford stays at #2(3-A’s) this week in the Carolina State-wide Top Ten High School Football Poll and the Ragsdale Tigers crack the Top Ten at #9 in the 4-A Poll….

Others receiving votes include the Northwest Guilford Vikings and the Southeast Guilford Falcons…….Check out the entire listing of the polls from Carolina and their leader Chris Hughes when you CLICK HERE……

  • OGRamball3r said,

    Please!! NG should be no.1 not a school that can recruit kids from all over. Second NG just beat defending 4AA state champ Page in first game! CC has a weak schedule as well. How does number 3 jump over no.2 when no. 2 beats a 4aa state champ! No respect!

  • fridaynightlights said,

    You beat a depleted Page team, who got crushed by DC in week one, by 7 points. That’s how.

  • Hey....Wait! said,

    Did you just mention Northern and a team that recruits not being fair in the same sentence……HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

  • Mike said,

    Page -.3
    NG -6.5
    NE -8.5
    SE -10
    NW -12.5
    Ragsdale -24
    HPA (pickem)
    Ledford -3.5

    Vegas Mike

  • OGRamball3r said,

    Football team had no illegal players in that mess! Second CC can recruit year end and year out but still no championships in recent years. Third Page was not depleted any more than we were. They also had a game under their belt. It was a good game and page is going to beat a lot of people… It just won’t be us! I still say CC should hard and shoulders above the rest being Private and being geographically unrestricted in Player recruitment. Overrated underachievers is what I say.

  • Hey....Wait! said,

    Again……Northern fans talking about recruiting being unfair! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Please quit you can’t win on this one! LOL!!!!

  • OGramball3r said,

    Winners don’t quit….that’s why we have back to back State titles and their is nothing you can say about that. Maybe CC should stop recruiting ….maybe they might win a championship …….or two!!