Which Guilford County School has persevered?

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You can read below and see what Sports Illustrated is looking for and in that light of perseverence, which Guilford County School has persevered??? Making it through the tough times with the lack of facilities, or poor facilities, job turnover, problems on campus and more??? Which Guilford County School would you say has persevered through the tough times??? Would you say Ben L. Smith or would you choose another school??? Lots of our schools have updated football facilities, but with Smith, “it is what it is at Claude Manzi Stadium”…..Smith has done all they can to hang in their over the years and do we have another team/school, that is in the same boat???They have also seen a ton of turnover in the men’s basketball program over the years at Smith and sometimes it seems like they are lucky to still be fielding a baseball team, but through it all, they are still hanging in there….The Athletic Director’s position has been like a revolving door in recent years too…..Are we on to something, or are we just blowing smoke again??? This is just all for talk and discussion, but maybe it does make you stop and think…..”When you think about it though, that Ben L. Smith football program has persevered under the leadership and direction of Coach Rodney Brewington and his attitude and approach have gone a long way to keep the light burnig”…..Is it Smith or somebody else??? Many others have received the facelift, but hard times are still staring Smith in the face….

from www.charlotteobserver.com:

Sports Illustrated is hunting for a prep football program that’s persevered

Sports Illustrated and POWERADE have launched a nationwide search for a high school that has persevered through hardship.

Sports Illustrated editors have already selected nine of the 10 schools that will be featured throughout the 2012 high school football season. The magazine is interested in “underdog” schools that have “overcome obstacles that include dilapidated facilities, crime-ridden communities, severe funding deficits and disasters, both person and natural,” according to a release.

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    Western Guilford Basketball facilities