College Football Tonight with Greensboro College topping Guilford in the Soup Bowl(Lots of locals in this game with Matt P., Hunt, Mearite, English, Scott and more)

Posted by Andy Durham on September 1, 2012 at 10:50 pm under College | Read the First Comment

Final from Armfield Athletic Center at Guilford College:

Greensboro College 14
Guilford College 13

Lots of local players in this game with Matt Pawlowski(Northwest Guilford HS) throwing 2 TD passes for Guilford and one of his TD tosses went to Nick Mearite(Ragsdale HS)….

Tyler Hunt(Eastern Guliford) handled the PAT’s and the kickoffs for Guilford…..Hunter English(Western Guilford) was one of the top tacklers for Guilford….Warren Scott(Southern Guilford) was in there at runningback for Greensboro College…..Antwan Thorpe(Oxford Webb) was the star of the game for Greensboro College when he hauled in the game-tying touchdown pass…..

At the game ran into Coach Coiro(Grimsley), Coach Loosemore(Grimsley), David Moore(Grimsley/Guilford College/Greensboro College)…David Moore played for both Greensboro College and Guilford College in during his collegiate football career and he told me his teams went (0-21) over his last couple of years in college….Randy Doss and Bryan Jones from Guilford also in the house along with right at 2,200 tonight at Guilford College for the Soup Bowl and they collected over 9,000 cans of food tonight for the Urban Ministry’s Food Bank…Guilford won the canned food drive with over 5,000 cans of food collected for the game……

Good night for football at Guilford College…..

  • ECU said,

    Guilford College fans have alot to look forward to this year.Matt Pawlowski shows poise, leadership and ability……. he is a winner and in the upcoming weeks, he is sure to grow and mature as he settles into the season…….his passing game will only get better and his teammates will recoginize his leadership skills……Wins will start coming———-Watch!