Should we expect a Sellout for the Northern Guilford at Northwest football game on Friday night?

Posted by Andy Durham on September 4, 2012 at 11:12 am under High School | 23 Comments to Read

We have seen large crowds for the Page at Northern Guilford game and the Ragsdale at Dudley game brought in a big gathering to Dudley’s Tarpley Stadium and now we have the #1 ranked 3-A team in the state and two-time defending State 3-AA Champs in Northern Guilford, heading to Northwest Guilford this Friday night….(Both teams come in unbeaten with NWG at (3-0) and NG at (2-0)….

True this is a non-conference game and true NWG is 4-A and NG is a 3-A team, but there is so much more that makes this game a very BIG ONE, that should draw a Huge crowd….

The teams have played every year over the past 3-4 years and Northern has has won every game….Northwest and Northern are just a few miles apart and when Northern opened up, they took in several of the NWG students/players by way of re-districting…Most of all of those students have moved on/graduated by now, but there still looms many a similarity between these two schools….Maybe more similarities than any other two schools, that are just miles apart, in the county….

There are plenty of exsisting rivalries, but there is something different about this one….I can’t put my finger exactly on it, but there is something that makes this rivalry just a little bit different than all of the others…

Maybe it is the lack of history in the series…Since it is so new, there is life brewing from this matchup that carries over the year-round and it just never dies and will get no rest, until they are maybe 10-15 into years into the series….

This one will be hot….You can count on that and with a brand new stadium at NWG, the seats should get a good test, as the early arrivers grab them while they still can….I have a real good feeling that every Northern fan in exsistance will be there at this game…Northwest will call out all of their family, friends and fearless fans to attend this game….It will be must-see contest for both schools and their fanbases…

I have this feeling that many of the graduates from both schools will be returning to NWG for this game and that the weekend college ‘road trip’ will include a drive down Northwest Guilford School Road….

Will the game be a Sell Out???

I think there is a pretty good chance it will be….Might pay to get there early and see what happens next….

*****What would contitute a Sell Out at NWG??? We would need a Stadium Seating Historian to verify those type of numbers and with the new configurations at NWG, those numbers might need some specialty tweaking….SRO and how far can you take the SRO factors, as you line fans around the track….Turn it all loose and we shall see come this Friday night…..*****

  • HS Football said,

    Expect standing room only at the Northern NW Game this Friday! Always a sell out when these 2 teams get together.

  • Can't Wait said,

    Is it true that the seating on the visitors side is limited to 500seats? If so get there early!!!

  • Andy Durham said,

    Northern fans you better get there early, that’s all I have to say, ‘You better get there early”…..

  • Just Sayin!!! said,

    Yep they totally blew it when they built the new stadium! Yeah overall it’s a million times better on the home side but the visitors side is really small once again. I think the away side is actually smaller than before……IMO They should’ve expanded the visitors side but who knows what they were thinking. I know it would not have cost that much more to add about 10 more rows of seating…Yeah when teams like Smith and SW Guilford come to town it will be plenty big….But when Northern, Western, Ragsdale, HPC, and East Forsyth come to town there will be alot of standing on the away side. Who ever was in charge of the building project totally dropped the ball.

  • fridaynightlights said,

    Yes the seating on the visitor side was reduced, but I don’t think NW really cares about how many visitors they can get to show up. It was a pretty slick move if you ask me, almost double seating on the home side and then reduce the seating on the visitor side. Huge game over there Friday night for NW. Word on the street is that Roscoe’s already talking to his players about ruining their stadium dedication night.

  • Just Sayin!!! said,

    Stadium dedication night???? NW already played a home game in the new stadium week 1 and beat Smith…..Roscoe might want to think of something more clever to motivate his players…..Just Sayin!

  • Nighthawk Nation!!! said,

    Them Nighthawks are going to Smash NW this week! Northern wins huge I think somewhere around 28 points!

    Nighthawk Nation! 2 Rings!!! 3 peat!!!!

  • N Dub!!! said,

    @ Nighthawk Nation!

    Then you wonder why people can’t stand you…….

  • mark said,

    I hope all “slick” NWG supporters are smart enough to know that visiting fans can sit on the home side too

  • Andy Durham said,

    This ought to be a great atmosphere for a super game between these two outstanding teams for this Friday night….The key word ought to be tackling, cause there will be the need for a lot of tackling on Friday night….NG and NWG both have some excellent runners and the tackling opportunities ought to limitless on Friday night….You want to make some tackles, go run down TJ Logan or try and stop all of those Viking runningbacks….The defensive players should be busy on Friday…

    NEWS 2 Sports is supposed to be there and I heard 102 JAMZ was planning on being there and we on being right there too….Big Friday night planned for Billings Stadium on Northwest Guilford School Road….

    Two fine football teams ready to do battle on Friday night…..

  • Our House said,

    We will run all over NWHS and their “slick” supporters. Their defense can’t stop TJ and Coach Roscoe teaches their Coach a new lesson every time we play them so they really aren’t that smart. I wonder what this year’s football 101 lesson will be for the Vikings? I am sure it will be good then broadcast all over News 2 and 102 JAMZ. How embarrassing on stadium dedication night. Dedicate it to the Nighthawk Nation as our auxiliary stadium.

  • Andy Durham said,

    I’m sure there will be some trash talking in and around the stadium on Friday night and on the days leading up to the game, but the ‘Big Question’ is, “How many fans will attend this game?”…..Are we talking 5,000 or more, maybe 6,000 or could the crowd reach 7,000???

  • Really? said,

    When will you Northern fans get it through your thick skull!!! The Stadium dedication night was week 1 against Smith! This will be the 2nd game in the new RL Billings stadium. Find something else to try and motivate yourselves with…..

  • HS Football said,

    There will be several thousand at this game come Friday. I’m guessing somewhere between 5000 and 7000

  • Just sayin!! said,

    If I remember the last two years games have been decided by 7 points and 1 point.

  • Hail to the Victors!!! said,

    2009. 42-27. NG
    2010. 24-23. NG
    2011. 21-14. NG

  • Football fan said,


    Will the game be on the radio this week? Was that 950am?

  • Andy Durham said,

    Game will be on 950AM plus and we hope to have our FM transmittor going with 97.7FM that you will be able to hear the game on that frequency inside of the stadium……97.7FM gives us an extra boost inside the high school stadiums and it should be a clear signal for you….AM950 is the standard signal…….

    RB/DB Reid Baxter is back for NWG this Friday night…..Appeal to NCHSSA accepted and ejection becomes disqualification from last Friday night…..Good to see both teams at full-strength for such a big rivalry game…..

  • Gfan said,

    Glad to hear the Baxter kid will be back low stepping into this game. After looking at the replay he did do some showboating but not enough to be out for the next game. Should be a good game however I will be supporting my Whrilies when they take on on the HP teams this week.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Saw the video for the first time today and it didn’t look like high-stepping to me….Maybe two raised steps at the very end, but when I think of High-Stepping I think of someone striking the Heisman pose and bringing those legs and feet up high in a direct/deliberate manner and then as a defender you hit the guy and drive him out of the end zone and into the fence….

    I did not see that in this instance…..Watched the run about three times….

  • Tom said,

    That wasn’t even close to being show boating. The ref needed to let that go. An over zealous ref can be worse than a show boating player. Refs need to have a thicker skin and let the players play.

  • fridaynightlights said,

    Yes, NW has already played a home game. BUT the stadium dedication is Friday night. If you don’t believe it, then go to the game, pay your $5-6 and find out for yourself. There’s another “slick” one for you guys. (really can’t believe several of you felt the need to include that word in your posts as if there’s anything special about using it). But at the end of the day, it’s still a lame motivational tool. Come on Roscoe, find something better than that.

  • Our House said,

    Northern does not need any motivation to beat NW. Its just another game for us that is a guaranteed win. The stadium should be dedicated to the Nighthawks because we are undefeated there and always will be. We are also the reason so many spectators will be at the game and the reason NW will make money on the game. I estimate 6500 in attendance.