Who you taking tonight, Dallas or New York Giants?

Posted by Andy Durham on September 5, 2012 at 5:43 pm under Professional | 3 Comments to Read

Just looking for a show of hands….Who you taking tonight, the Dallas Cowboys or the defending Super Bowl Champs, the New York Football Giants???

Cowboys or Giants?

I’ll go with the ‘Ants over the ‘Boys in this one…..31-20

  • Marshall brown said,

    Cowboys will win 24 20

  • Andy Durham said,

    Like I was saying, Giants over the Cowboys, 31-20…..What time does this game kickoff, 8:30pm? And on the NFL Network or NBC? Gonna be tough competition from the Democratic Convetion in Charlotte….Who is up tonight, Joe Biden or Joe ‘The Plumber’??? Biden is up tonight right??? And I do think Castro(Julian and Fidel) would make a better running-mate for Obama….Those were two highly motivating speeches last night by Castro and Michelle Obama…..

    Castro would make a good new coach for the San Antonio Spurs……

  • Marshall Brown said,

    Castro could be the pitching coach for Ozzie and the marlins