Friday Night Scoring Desk – Week #4 – September 7, 2012:Grimsley by one over HPC, NEG by a point past Smith, NG tops NWG, Ragsdale/Southern Guilford still unbeaten and more….

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Update #7 – 11:24 PM:Finals….

Northern Guilford – 14
Northwest Guilford – 0

Ragsdale – 35
Page – 21

Huntersville SouthLake Christian –
High Point Christian –

Eastern Guilford – 41
Western Guilford – 20

Western Alamance –
Southern Alamance –

Southern Guilford – 69
East Davidson – 6

High Point Central – 21
Grimsley – 22

Dudley – 20
Durham Hillside – 21

Smith – 15
Northeast Guilford – 16

Rockingham County – 44
Southwest Guilford – 6

Morehead –
Reidsville –

Bishop McGuinness – 48
South Davidson – 0

East Forsyth – 49
Reynolds – 6

Eastern Randolph – 7
Asheboro – 30

Glenn – 31
Carver – 14

Providence Grove –
Randleman –

Southern Guilford – 69
East Davidson – 6

Thomasville – 10
Southeast Guilford – 13

Eastern Alamance – 27
Graham – 6

Trinity –
Southwestern Randolph –

West Stokes –
McMichael –

Wheatmore –
Chatham Central –

Williams –
Cummings –


Northern Division SAL Baseball
Hagerstown -5
Greensboro – 7

The Team is spread thin tonight as we are broadcasting via WPET 950AM the Northern Guilford vs. Northwest Guilford Football Game and broadcasting via the Internet the Northern Division Championship Game #2 featuring the Greensboro Grasshoppers. We apologize (in advance) if we don’t get the scores updated as quickly as we have in the past.

  • Coach Turk said,

    Glenn 7 Carver 0
    Hillside 7 Dudley 0
    Smith 8 Northeast Guilford 0

  • Coach Turk said,

    Eastern Randolph 0 Asheboro 0

  • Coach Turk said,

    Asheboro 7 Eastern Randolph 0

  • NG Fan said,

    Northern Guilford 14 Northwest Guilford 0 2:40 left in first half

  • mark said,

    Half. Ragsdale 21 Page 7

  • John said,

    Page is getting killed in the trenches. Ragsdale is running at will.

  • Coach Turk said,

    Glenn 17 Carver 14

  • Vince said,

    Hillside-13, Dudley-6…half

  • Coach Turk said,

    SW Randolph 28 Trinity 6
    West Forsyth 9 North Forsyth 0

  • Coach Turk said,

    Asheboro 14 E Randolph 0

  • mark said,

    Better not read any Page fans complain about the refs tonight

  • Coach Turk said,

    Smith 8 NE Guilford 6

  • NG Fan said,

    Every time Northern Guilford drives and gets close to scoring the ref’s call holding….4 times already….no holding calls on Northwest…interesting..looks like a little home cooking? nahhh

  • Coach Turk said,

    Asheboro 21 E Randolph 0

  • Coach Turk said,

    Asheboro 27 E.Randolph 7

  • Coach Turk said,

    Glenn 31 Carver 14

  • NW Fan said,

    NG Fan, that’s because every time Northern gets the ball they are severely holding…they are blatant holds at that

  • Coach Turk said,

    NE Guilford 13 Smith 8

  • bigred1 said,

    Attention Page Coaches:: PUT THE CHEERLEADERS IN!! IT’S TIME

  • chuck said,

    Southern 69 e davidson 6

  • not sure said,

    SE 17
    Thomasville 10
    ?????????????????? Im not sure, can anyone confirm?

  • Coach Turk said,

    Glenn 45 Carver 20 Final

  • madmax said,

    Grimsley 22
    HPC 21

    NE 16
    Smith 15

    NG 14
    NW 0

  • Coach Turk said,

    Asheboro 30 Eastern Randolph 7 Final

  • Bball fan said,

    Randleman won 35-20

  • Coach Turk said,

    Hillside 21 Dudley 20

  • Coach Turk said,

    Hillside 21 Dudley 20 Final

  • 77 Hornet said,

    WG 41
    EG 20 F

  • gsofan said,

    NG-NW game. NW was outcoached again. NW ran the same predictable offense. That reverse roll-out to the left didn’t work last year, the year before or any year – and got stuffed every time again tonight… at critical times. Keep trying… one day it will work. Best back on the field tonight was #22 for NG (TJ Logan out much of the 2nd half with cramps).

  • Mike said,

    @not sure- se won by three according to my nephew who was there

  • John said,

    No worries, Mark; the refs were not a factor in tonight’s Page/Ragsdale game.

    Ragsdale was very fundamentally sound in nearly all aspects of the game. They were able to run the ball for first downs to move the chains just about anytime they wanted. Lots of weapons on offense and a very physical offensive line. Reminds me of a team from last year šŸ™‚

    Page drew first blood with a beautiful 46 yard bomb from Putnam to Gavin on the third play from scrimmage. Ragsdale drove the length of the field but Page intercepted a pass deep in their territory. Then Putnam threw the first of his 3 interceptions on that drive, and Ragsdale returned it to the 1. One play later, tie game. The rest of the half Ragsdale had their way with the Page defense and led by two scores at half.

    Page held Ragsdale to a 3 and out in the first drive of the second half and came out on offense in the Wildcat formation. Jalen Gavin took the snaps from center on almost the entire drive and capped it with a TD run to cut the lead to 21-14. The two teams exchanged fumbles on the next two possesions and Page tied it up with 11:45 left in the game on a nice fade route, Putnam to Morrison (I think).
    But Ragsdale came back, breaking a long run to set up the go-ahead touchdown with 9:45 left. Plenty of time if Page doesn’t turn the ball over. But Putnam’s pass was bobbled by the receiver and picked off. After that it was just a matter of time. A methodical Ragsdale drive ended with a TD that iced the game.

    Page had a glimmer of hope in the third quarter as the Wildcat offense gave Ragsdale some trouble. But you can only do the gimmick for so long. Page still is struggling to find an offensive identity. Their running game remains a real problem. Jordan Putnam is a capable quarterback but asking a first-time starter (albeit a senior) to carry the team is a lot to ask. Page cannot afford to turn the ball over four times.

    On defense, I thought Matt Mayfield and Carter STanley were outstanding. But we missed Grant Brewer at linebacker, out with an injury. Too many missed tackles, too many bad angles. And mainly Ragsdale was blowing up the Page front four for most of the game.

    Well, you are what you are, and right now Page is 0-4. Until Page can line up and run the ball consistently, this offense will be good for 2-3 TDs a game.

    Grimsley must be licking their chops right about now.

  • McGuinness Score said,

    Bishop McGuinness up 41-0 at half over S. Davidson used running clock and JV kids in 2nd half. Final 48-0 over S. Davidson.

  • private school football said,

    Forsyth Country Day has apparently folded their football program at least for the year. Not enough players left for a team. Also, a friend at HP Christian said HPC was banged up in their JV game and would not play the 2nd half and ended the game. Sounds strange. Anyone know the deal?

  • Pirate Fan said,

    John – I think Putnam was more than “capable” tonight. Be interested to see his stats. Until Page can get someone to really run the ball they have to pass. And when you pass a lot you are going to have some turnovers. Agree they need to get a better running game. Defense was very strong with Stanley and Mayfield leading the charge. They know how to tackle.

  • NW Faan said,

    How die Baxter and Logan stack up tonight. I guess the score speaks a lot – but did Baxter get to play?

  • Gfan said,

    We survive tonight with Jones sitting out most of the game. Lot of heart and finish in my Whirlie’s tonight.

    What is up with HPC? They must have had all of 30 fans on their side. As loud as the fans are on this board they do a lousy job of supporting their team. They have a very good team but no support. They came oh so close to scoring the winning TD on the last play of the game.

    John what was it that everyone said before the season started. The Page/Grimsley game is never much of a contest. It will only be a social gathering. Never a close or exciting game. YAWWNNNN

  • tigers said,

    Putman throws a good ball but spent most of the night on his back. Credit Page coach Gillespie for going wildcat after the half to get Page moving the ball. Page simply could not pick up the Ragsdale d-line stunts with a 4 man rush. Putman threw a lot of balls in coverage but he didn’t have much choice. He also threaded the needle a couple of times. A running game would help Putman as well as a little time. Page is a lot better than 0-4.

    Ragsdale doesn’t have a great team, or any superstars like Page had last year, but Ragsdale has a lot of kids that contribute. On offense the o-line has really improved. A few bad snaps but other than that the o-line has come around. It makes sense that they are personally coached by Norwood. Herndon is a gamer. While he’ll make a mistake here and there, he isn’t afraid to make a play and he makes several great plays each game. WR’s have stepped up with Pantuso and Walker and the tE position is strong. Ragsdale has several good backs with Eleazor and Jones at tailback and Booker and Dupree at fullback. Defensively, Craig, Nhokolo, Sams, Sidney, Sparks, Milliken, Davis, Walker, Little, Jones, and a couple off the bench keep making plays. 2 sophmores are helping out on special teams with a new snapper and kicker in Hicks. The team still makes some mistakes but they are definitely a team. They all make plays. May not catch lightning in a bottle like Page did last year but as long as they play as a team they should do well.

    Refs may not have been a factor but Ragsdale had 175 yards in penalties after 3 quarters and Page had none. Page 1st penalty was at the 7:33 mark in the 4th quarter. Amazing how an 0-3 team played so clean.

  • Triadwatch said,

    Reidsville 34 morehead 0

  • mark said,

    Good summary on the Page game John. Ragsdale strength on offense is their balance. They run to set up the pass and do both well. Herndon (a first year starter) has a lot of targets to throw to in Walker, Romer and Pantuso and tonight the big tight end Winston Craig with his first two catches of the year (both for TDs). Eleazer and Jones are a great 1-2 punch running. Walker gets lots of yards from his WR spot. Herndon took a licking tonight but is a damn tough kid and refuses to quit. And Booker (40) gets tough yards inside. Yeah like you said – lots of weapons.

    On defense it all starts up front for Ragsdale. Nwokolo had big sacks tonight. Sparks was in one too many tackles to count tonight. And he just missed getting yet another INT against Page. The DBs play tough against the run, They can get burned deep but they are ball hawks across the middle and Davis, Millikan and Walker all had INTs tonight.

    The story of the game tonight was that drive Ragsdale had in the fourth quarter to take the lead back after Page had tied it up. Great way for a tough team to answer the challenge.

    Was really surprised to see Page go wildcat. It did work for awhile but…desperate times I guess.

    And as for the refs – maybe not a factor for Page when they only had one penalty all night and it was called with about five minutes left. Ragsdale had over 100 yards in flags by then. Seldom do you see a high school team go a whole game without any holding calls. I guess Page has that going for them.

    Good luck the rest of the way. Page might run the table in the metro. Look out for Grimsley – in my mind they are the team to beat in that conference right now.

  • gfanisdrunk said,

    Come on Gfan, 1-2 vs 0-4, YAWN!!!! HPC is not that good, will finish 4th in their own conference!!

  • mark said,

    Seriously guys? Somebody makes a barely disparaging remark against sweet little innocent Baxter and you delete the post?

    He the Greensboro sports pet player? Go ahead and delete this one too.

    There will be more coming.

  • it is what it is said,

    Everyone likes to hear the praise but don’t like the criticism. Make a bed you lie in it.

  • Rashadpnj89 said,

    @gfanisdrunk , yep your right, HPC just isn’t all that good & according to you & others, it will finish conference in 4th place for the third straight year. Oh & based on what many are saying, HPC is going to be blown away by a 1992 Power House East Forsyth team next week. Can’t wait to see those Bison Burgers get cooked lol. I beg differ, my boys will keep their head up & get better every week like its been for four weeks now.

    @GFan, well HPC hasn’t had a strong away crowd since 2005, & last night results may show why a lot of people don’t support our away games. But 42 & I were there to cheer on our boys all the way until the heart broken end. Good luck to the Whirlies, they deserved it.

  • topfin29 said,

    Great win for the Whirlies. They have been so close all year and now that they have turned the corner they should be a factor in the below .500 metro. Scott Johnson has got to be one of the best players in the county. Wasn’t the Grimsley Ragsdale game much closer than the Page Ragsdale game? Grimsley pulled this one out without their star running back. Congrats to WG and NG and NE.

  • Damon said,

    SEG had 6 turnovers. 5 were fumbles and one interception. Petty was in street clothes. He’ll be ready to go next week. Exciting game. SEG recovered an onside kick and drove down for the winning score. Needed a TD due to missed extra pt, but the normally reliable kicker. That kicker is the QB who drove the field.

  • mark said,

    I keep hearing people say Grimsley playing without their star running back two weeks in a row. I assume they mean #11 Jones?

    He is their best player and he was in the highlights making plays the last two weeks.

    Grimsley is good. Probably going to win the Metro.ztn3

  • Damon said,


    That’s not going to happen. Petty will be suited up and ready to go.

  • Our House said,

    What did I say? That stadium dedication to NG was appropriate tonight and thank you NWHS.NWHS is weaker than I thought with nothing on offense. It was painful to watch and NG exposed major holes in the wing T tonight. I give their defense a little credit holding us to only 14 pts but there are not many bright spots except maybe the NWHS band. Rest of the regular season is a cake walk for us. Wake me up when we get to the NC playoffs.

  • gladnwlost said,

    That kid for NW shouldnt continure to play, so delete this one again, I really dont care, truth hurts!!!!
    (Is that politically correct?)
    This is from a loyal GC fan and reader for more than 4 years!!

  • Da Truff said,

    A much improved Grimsley has fought hard this year. Their first two losses were to quality programs and tonight they beat a descent HPC team. Give it a rest!!! If Grimsley was undefeated you guys would still give them garbage!

  • Damon said,

    What happened without using any names?

  • Da Truff said,

    BTW… Grimsley’s #11 is quite a ball player but they have several good players on their roster.

  • whirlies are back said,

    Grimsley has a good coach who has a good O-coord in Loosemore. Offensive scheme fits them well. Combine that with a bunch of seniors and they are very improved. they beat a good HPC team last night. Jones is a better back than most people know and Simpson is a good leader for them. I said a while back that they can take Page. they may end up losing but they have the talent to win. Hasn’t been that way for a while.

    Just beause HPC lost doesn’t mean they can’t play. They have a good D, a good player under center in Johnson, and a very good kicker. that along can carry you through a lot of games in HS. Grimsley was just better last night. Anyone who has seen Grimsley play knows last night was not an upset.

  • another score said,

    Southlake Christian 50 High Point Christian 0.

  • No dog in this fight said,

    Observations from the Northern vs Northwest game:

    Northern quickly scored twice in the 1rst qtr on a long TJ Logan run and a nice throw and catch. I couldn’t tell if they hit Logan coming off a wheel route or a deep fly but he managed to just get a step on the NWG defenders. That play honestly could have gone either way as NWG was right there but Logan made a great catch. A holding call also brought another Logan touchdown run back.

    The Viking defense tightened up and held the Nighthawks in check the remainder of the game despite a few red zone trips.

    Northwest’s offense just simply could not get it going. Not to take anything away from Northern’s defense but the Vikings offensive line really let them down in this game. They were getting little to no push creating no, and I mean ZERO, holes for between the tackle runs, although several times the Vikings had men wide open down field the lack of pass blocking left NWG QB little time to look down field. Also a few botched shotgun snaps put the Vikings in long down and distances killing any momentum. The Vikings left points on the field just before half on a dropped would be touchdown pass. That honestly was the closest they ever got to scoring. One question is why do the NWG coaching staff have their QB running to the sidelines to get the play. Kid looked exhausted on any QB keepers. One thing is certain the Vikes will fix the problem and be right there at the top of conference play.

    Bottom line is TJ Logan is a special special player with an amazingly quick first step. I cannot wait to see him and James Summers in the backfield together at UNC.

  • GrimsleyFan said,

    Grimsley is starting 18 juniors this year. They may be building something strong on Westover….

  • Gfan said,

    I am always afraid to mention names on here for fear of leaving someone out but as you said Jake is a leader and just took control of the game when Jones went out. Can’t leave out Cole Leonard for kicking the go ahead extra point after some struggles with special teams earlier in the game. As someone said earlier Scott Johnston is special and had a great night. I am sure I am leaving out some big names but it was a great team win last night.

    By the way Damon…don’t sing it just bring it. We got something for ya next week.

  • John said,

    Mark, Ragsdale had a couple of guys on offense who really contributed, aside from Eleazor. That #16 was the guy who, I believe, had the long run from scrimmage to set up the go-ahead touchdown right after Page tied it. And your QB is a cool customer, I saw him step up into the pocket under heavy pressure and complete passes.

    Putnam has a lot of skills, but he needs a lot more help than he is getting.

    The Wildcat? You can’t depend on trickery for a whole game. Sooner or later your offensive line is going to have to make the blocks. I thought #48 for Page looked pretty good running the ball.

    As for Grimsley, if those 18 juniors keep improving they could be very tough in 2013. Page has a lot of youth they are developing as well. Their JV team has been dominant.

    It’s interesting to note that only one team in the Metro 4-a is going into conference play with a winning record.

    If I were Coach Gillespie, I would be telling the team that the season starts next Friday against Western. Everything that happened up until now, forget it, it’s over. They have a clean slate going into the conference games.

  • Refs don't cheat the kids said,

    Dudley had another crazy call at the end of a game that was clearly won;

    Dudley quarterback Richard Hayes III, who finished with 237 yards on 33 carries and threw for another 170 yrds passing, almost drove his team to victory.

    The Panthers reached the Hillside 27 before three successive penalties on the Dudley snuffed out the comeback attempt. One of the penalties brought back a touchdown pass from Hayes to Connell Young with 10 seconds left because of an illegal formation

    Prior to its final drive, Dudley did score to get within a point thanks to another Hayes rushing score. But the Panthers were unable to tie the game as

    Campbell blocked the extra point with 3:15 left in the game. He said he was able to burst through the line thanks to the push his defensive line gave to block. Francis opened the scoring for the Hornets by catching a nine-yard swing pass out of the backfield from quarterback Cinco Simmons midway through the first quarter. He later gave Hillside a 13-6 lead going into halftime when he bulled his way in from the 5 with 1:03 left in the second quarter.

    The Hornets’ defense was tested by the running of Hayes,who finished with 237 yards on 33 carries, including scoring runs of 49, 12 and five yards.

    Hillside 21, Greensboro Dudley 20

    Rushing_Dudley: Richard Hayes III 33-237, Edward Moseleyn 4-5, Darius Williams 6-32, Connell Young 5-24.

    Receiving_Dudley: Moseley 2-33, Darius Williams 3-38, Qlyl Middeijn X 2-55, Young 2-44.

    Passing_Dudley: Hayes 9-23-170 yrds

    Hard pill to swallow…But it’s conferance time and they are ready…..

  • antispin said,

    Congrats to coach Loosemore and his first win as assistant head coach at Grimsley. Great hire

  • antispinbossesrow said,

    I said head coach do not alter my post

  • Andy Durham said,

    Coach Coiro is the head coach at Grimsley and Coach Loosemore has done a fine job since joining the Whirlies staff as an assistant coach and I know they are glad to have him there with the Whirlies. The change was necessary.

  • ad4deacs said,

    Thanks Andy.

  • SLoosemore said,

    I appreciate the congratulations and hope we can have that happen a lot more however, Coach Coiro is the Head Football Coach at Grimsley High School and I am very glad to have a job working for him. He has done a tremendous job in the weightroom with these young guys we have and he does a great job with what he does here at the school and with the community getting people involved. I am very grateful to Coach Coiro for hiring me and am proud to be a Grimsley Whirlie.