High School Football Games with the biggest impact for this week

Posted by Andy Durham on September 13, 2012 at 11:30 am under High School | 10 Comments to Read

Some are saying/seeing the lean toward the impact games for this week as being:

#1 East Forsyth vs. High Point Central
#2 Smith vs. Dudley
#3 Northern Guilford vs. Burlington Williams
#4 Southeast Guilford vs. Grimsley
#5 Page vs. Western Guilford

Do you see the games being in this order, or do you see the order needing a change or two and do we need to add in another key game and subtract one of the games that is on the list???

Many feel that High Point Central is ready to upset East Forsyth and that is how the people sent it to the top of the list…..Smith vs. Dudley is a ‘tradition game/rivalry game’ and has to be up at the top, or near the top of any list…..Williams and Northern are both unbeaten and with NG ranked #1 in the state in just all of the published polls, this game has drawn a ton of interest, as all Northern Guilford games will this season, when there is a chance that they will be tested and in turn they might fall for the first time this season….

Grimsley-SEG is big since the Whirlies got their first win of the season last Friday night at home and they are at home again this week and they may look to make this one close, if Jamal Petty is not ready for the Falcons….Petty missed last week’s Falcon game with Thomasville, die to injury…..Page hosting Western Guilford is extra large for the Pirates, since they look to get their very first win of 2012….Western has tasted success once already, but this one is very differnet, since this game means Metro 4-A Conference action and you roll out of this one at (1-0) and for the next 5-6 weeks, that is all that matters, ‘Conference Action’ is Here…..

  • Gfan said,

    I think the biggest game is Page vs WG….baaahaaaahaaaa what a joke. East Forsyth is going to blow out HPC by at least 2 TDs. Dudley should also blow out Smith. That leaves SEG at Grimsley the biggest impact game of the week. That one probably depends on whether Petty and Jones are back.

    There is a storm brewing over on Westover Terrace. Go Whirlies!!

  • my turn said,

    #1 Southeast Guilford vs. Grimsley
    #2 East Forsyth vs. High Point Central
    #3 Page vs. Western Guilford
    #4 Smith vs. Dudley
    #5 Northern Guilford vs. Burlington Williams

    SEG & Grimsley – The way the metro has looked so far this year this game just might be for first place. Dudley struggling, Page winless. SEG is good and Grimsley is much improved.

    EF & HPC – Lots of hype about East this year. State championship talk coming out of Kernersville. HPC is no slouch so if East can blow them out like many expect it will tell a lot about how good they are and how much chance Ragsdale or NWG have to win that conference.

    I rank the Page game this high because until those guys win a game every one is big. And western is better than people think.

    Dudley needs to win. Three game losing streak and the Metro is up for grabs. But I think they win big over Smith.

    I rank the Northern game last just because I don’t think Williams is much of a threat to them even if Williams has a good team.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Not sure about Jones, but I know a lot of Falcon fans are wondering, “Will Petty be ready?”……That one could get hot and there have some fans from Kernersville that feel the HPC-EF game will not be close…..

  • East Forsyth said,

    I’m telling you guys the HPC East Forsyth game is not going to be close at all! East Forsyth is going to blow HPC out of Simeon!

    EF – 35
    HPC – 7

  • Mike said,

    I really have to just scratch my head at you sometimes Andy
    1) EF/HPC….. put up or shut up, got EF by 21 or more
    2) SE/GHS…. who is for real? (Petty Plays) got SE by 7, if not…. Grimsley by 3
    3)NG/BW….. can anyone beat NG? two unbeatens…l. NG by 17 or more
    4) Page/WG…. must win for Page, WG has no chance to make playoffs…. Page by 14 or more
    5) Dudley/Smith…. way overrated and overhyped, not even close…. Dudley by 21 or more

    Vegas Mike

  • HPCFan42 said,

    GFan: We pretty much dominated Grimsley but turning the ball over and shooting ourselves in the foot cost us that game. You escape with a 1pt victory, now you feel HPC isn’t good… Haha…. And as far as HPC getting blown out by East Forsyth, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! SIKE!!! We will see!!!

  • Gfan said,

    I don’t think HPC is bad. Maybe they had a bad night against Grimsley? I just think EF is that much better. A little enthusiasm by the HPC fans and players would also probably help keep it to EF only by two touchdowns. It is just the way it is going to be tonight.

  • HPCFan42 said,

    I would like to say as we Bison approach tonight’s match-up with East Forsyth that this is our Doom’s Day as most of you say. We are preparing for the butt-whipping of our lives. I don’t even know why we are gonna show up. All I know is that we aren’t any competition for those mighty Eagles and they are just too “LOADED” for us. Tonight we crown the East Forsyth Eagles the Piedmont Triad 4A Conference Champs!! They are gonna come into Simeon and feast on some Bison burgers tonight. I apologize that we Bison won’t be able to offer any competition for you guys tonight. Should we go ahead and forfeit?? I’m sooo nervous that I am about to puke… Well, I guess we shall get prepared for what should be a good ol thumping by those Mighty Eagles…. LMBO!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

  • Gfan said,

    Wow you called it HPCfan…what a butt whoopin

  • uwillneedapack said,

    I told you that you are not that good! again, you will finish 4th in your conference!
    Good Day Sir!