Would the City be a fool to close the Grimsley pool?

Posted by Andy Durham on September 16, 2012 at 6:03 pm under Amateur, High School | Read the First Comment

Would the City of Greensboro be a fool to close the Grimsley pool?

Lots of talk going around about this one and according to recent reports, the City of Greensboro is looking at three options, when it comes to the future of the swimming pool at Grimsley High School….Currently the pool is closed and in need of repair, so it isn’t doing anybody any good at all….

The options for the future include:
A)Repairing the pool which would cost 5 million dollars and that would allow the pool to remain in operation…..
B)Build a new pool on another site at the cost of 4 million dollars……
C)Demolish the current pool at a cost of $375,000…..
****You could demolish the old pool and build a new one at a different site, cheaper than you could if repaired the old pool…*****

The City of Greensboro doesn’t want anything to do with the pool issue and they want to put all of this on the Guilford County School System….

The pool is in the city and it is on a Guilford County Schools’ campus, so this really should be a joint effort, between the Guilford County Schools and the City of Greensboro…

The City of Greensboro wants out of the picture entirely and they want to charge the Guilford County School System for the use of the new Greensboro Aquatics Center at the Greensboro Coliseum Complex….This makes you wonder if this is really just a ploy on the city’s part to back out of the Grimsley pool picture completely and then just force the GCS(county schools) to pay rent to use the GAC(Greensboro Aquatics Center)…..The GAC is a city funded facility and this way the city gets back some of the money that went into the building and maintainence of the GAC, by the rent money the GCS is paying in, to use the GAC for the County Schools’ swim teams practices and meets…..

You shut down the Schools’ pool and then they are forced to use your facility, because it is the only one in town/in the county….

The facility at Ben L. Smith is already way under the water and without the pool at Grimsley, it is either the GAC or Buffalo Creek and then you can only use the BAC(Buffalo Aquatics Center) after a heavy rain and that really makes scheduling of meets and practices very tough….

Looks like a squeeze play on the part of the City of Greensboro and we are all for extended use of the GAC, but not when it is created by measures of collusion……

The City of Greensboro is trying to put/run the Guilford County Schools’ swimmers out of business and this is not the right way to do business…..

The City of Greensboro and the Guilford County School System should band together and make this a joint project since it involves the city and the schools……You would think there could be a better plan to repair the pool at Grimsley and that both parties could share in the costs/expenses…..

The Guilford County Schools are getting ready to take a ‘Dive’ and the City of Greensboro seems to content to let the GCS go off on the ‘Deep End’……(Another problem that we have been told of is, some of the GCS officials don’t know how to swim.)

*****In the grand scheme of things, if you can’t reach a decision, at least come together and split the cost of the $375,00 and have the old pool demolished and be done with all of this haggling…..*****

  • Mick said,

    It’s the Guilford County, GCS, Greensboro City way. Death by neglect. Same story differant venue. On top of that, I have always heard at least some private money was donated for at least Grimsley if not both pools by The Greensboro Swimming Association. That piece of the puzzle could be urban legend.

    Too bad. Grimsley and Smith make decent HS facilities, secondary facilities, etc. I am sure Lindley Park Pool and Smith Pool are on the hit list as well.