The Big Jim Modlin Friday Night Scoring Desk – Week #6 – September 21, 2012

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Update #11 – 10:25 PM – Good Night – Andy will continue later tonight

Game of the Week – Broadcast on WPET 950AM & Internet
Grimsley – 14
Western Guilford – 28

Southern Alamance – 19
Dudley – 50

Smith – 21
Southeast Guilford – 29

Ragsdale – 7
East Forsyth – 35

Glenn – 13
Parkland – 6

HP Central – 24
Thomasville – 0

Southwest Guilford – 7
Northwest Guilford – 41

3rd Qtr
Asheboro – 3
North Davidson – 48

Northeast Guilford – 34
South Granville – 13

Southern Guilford – 62
Trinity – 0

Morehead – 32
Eastern Guilford – 33
*****Might have been the comeback win of the night on Homecoming at Eastern Guilford….*****

McMichael – 20
Burlington Williams – 30

Eastern Alamance – 7
Northern Guilford – 49

Rockingham County – 27
Western Alamance – 20

Providence Grove – 14
Burlington Cummings – 30

Jordan-Matthews –
Eastern Randolph –

Reidsville – 40
Graham – 7

Oxford Webb – 8
HP Andrews – 44

Randleman – 25
West Davidson – 13

Wheatmore – 26
Southwestern Randolph – 21

Bishop McGuinness –
South Stokes –

Metrolina Christian – 46
HP Christian – 32

OFF: Page

  • Coach Turk said,

    Ragsdale 7 E.Forsyth 14
    Dudley 21 Southern Alamance 0
    Northwest Guilford 21 Southwest Guilford 0

  • Mike said,

    NG 29
    EA 0

    CD 21
    BY 0

    EF 14
    Ragsdale 7

    NE 21
    South Granville 0

    Reagan 16
    Lexington 0


  • Mike said,

    NG 29 EA 0
    Central Davidson 21 Bartlett Yancey 0
    EF 21 Ragsdale 7
    NE 21 South Granville 0
    Reagan 23 Lexington 0
    ND 20 Asheboro 7


  • Mike said,

    NG 36 EA 0
    Central Davidson 21 Bartlett Yancey 0
    EF 21 Ragsdale 7
    NE 21 South Granville 6
    Reagan 30 Lexington 0
    ND 20 Asheboro 3


  • Mike said,

    NG 36 EA 0
    Central Davidson 35 Bartlett Yancey 8
    EF 28 Ragsdale 7
    NE 28 South Granville 6
    Reagan 30 Lexington 0
    ND 34 Asheboro 3
    Butler 33 Rocky River 6


  • Mike said,

    NG 43 EA 0
    Central Davidson 42 Bartlett Yancey 8
    EF 35 Ragsdale 7
    NE 34 South Granville 6
    Reagan 37 Lexington 0
    ND 41 Asheboro 3
    Butler 40 Rocky River 6


  • Coach Turk said,

    East Forsyth 35 Ragsdale 7 Final

  • Coach Turk said,

    Glenn 13 Parkland 6

  • Mike said,

    NG 49 EA 7
    Central Davidson 49 Bartlett Yancey 8
    NE 34 South Granville 13
    Reagan 44 Lexington 0
    ND 48 Asheboro 3
    Porter Ridge 17 Providence Day 7


  • Alan said,

    SG 62 Trinity 0
    Morehead 22 EG 12


  • John said,

    Looks like Grimsley is about to go down to Western. They trail 28-7 in the fourth quarter and with around 5 minutes left.

  • Underdogs Unite!!! said,

    I see you took “springer’s” advice with the name. I like it and it’s a great way to remember Mr. Modlin.

    Good job, guys!

    Btw–I’m out of town. Does anyone have anything on my Pirates or are they off tonight?

  • Underdogs Unite!!! said,

    Never mind. I see it.


  • Tiger Fan said,

    Anyone knoow what happened to my Tigers tonight? Couldn’t make the game. Was East Forsyth just that much better???

  • tiger said,

    east was real good, but ragsdale played pretty poorly and couldn’t capitalize when they should have.

  • mark said,

    I wouldn’t say Ragsdale played poorly. They just got beat by a bigger, better, faster football team. They match up well with Ragsdale and just dominated the game. Ragsdale scored first then East scored and never looked back. If Ragsdale could have capitalized on that interception and scored before halftime they would have made the score a little more respectable but they weren’t beating East tonight.

  • John said,

    Underdogs, the stage is set now for an interesting Page-Grimsley contest next Friday. Page had a much-needed bye week after beating Western last Friday 38-16. That same Western team dominated Grimsley tonight 28-7.

    Not sure what kind of comparisons you can make between Page beating Western and Grimsley getting blown out by Western. I know Grimsley will be sky-high for Page next Friday. And Page has struggled on offense this season.

    Grimsley is playing for revenge. Page is playing for pride, and a chance to go 2-0 in the conference.

    If Page can run the ball I think they’ll win.

  • what about #2 said,

    @ John if page would give the ball to #2 and let him run the ball or take snaps from the center alot more , page would probably be 4-1 instead of 1-4! They could have a very dominating offense if they would just call better play calls….2 doesn’t even start on D and he his tied with the most interception!!!!! Let’s go PHS coaches!!!!! Good Luck to the Pirates and the Whirlies next Friday night!!!!

  • What? said,

    You can’t blame Page’s issues all on offense or on not giving the ball to number 2 to run. Gavin is a great athlete and is plays on offense, special teams, and some defense – he can’t do it all all the time. You have to have the ball on offense enough to score some points, which means Page also needs to tighten down the defense. Page’s passing game has been pretty good thus far and hellped put points on the board Agreed that with more running backs it will help sigifigant. This is a team and you can’t assign it to one part of the team for their wins or their losses.

  • John said,

    Actually the final was 28-14 Western. Grimsley scored a late TD,…

    Agree with What…Page has to line up and run the ball and not rely on gimmicks. The Wildcat is kind of a gimmicky offense. Gavin is a great runner but they need to be able to line up in the spread or under center and run between the tackles.

    I think Page’s OL had some problems last Friday with Western’s pass rush. It all comes down to the line of scrimmage. Page needs to be able to run the ball consistently and keep the chains and clock moving. Grimsley has some weapons on offense and will eventually take advantage of repeated three and outs.

    Grimsley may have been caught looking ahead to next Friday. Page had an open date last night, and I know the coaches have their players focused 100% on their rival.

    Some questions that will be answered by this time next Saturday:

    Will Page be able to run the ball well?
    Will Page’s defense be able to stop Grimsley’s skill position players?
    Will Page’s offensive line give Jordan Putnam time to set up and throw?
    Who will win the turnover battle?

    Grimsley won three games in a row from 2004-2006. Since then, it’s been all Page.

    If the streak is to continue, Page will need to play a lot better up front and not turn the ball over.

  • Andy Durham said,

    I would say without a doubt the Page coaches have it together….They definitely got their team together in the win over Western Guilford and after seeing Western for the first time last night, I can say that Western is a good team…Their run game was strong and they kept that run game bearing down all night long on the Grimsley defense….Miller, Ramsey and Khamala and the Hornet QB Reid Flippin all had outstanding games and within that run game they were all equally important….The offensive line up front for WG was very steady and they opened up the holes and it seemed that when Miller and the others got outside they were on their way to big yards….The Page coaches have seen both teams and they know very well what WG and Grimsley can do….It all comes down to the attack and Page will need that running attack to be successful and with Gavin, Capel and QB Putnam too, they should be in good shape and here’s hoping all three of those guys are in good shape physically and we approach the game….The Page coaches know their game….

    Much of it will come back to Grimsley and how they respond after the loss last night to WG….Grimsley came in with a full head of steam after the back-to-back wins over High Point Central and Southeast….The Whirlies played Ragsdale to within 7 points and NWG to a five-pont game…Last night, fallling by 14 was the biggest deficit that they have faced all season….How Grimsley responds will be crucial…You just dropped a game you felt like you should have won, but now WG has beaten Grimsley 4 straight years….

    The Page coaching staff and the Grimsley coaching staffs will both be ready and it will come down to the turnovers and which team makes the most mistakes….The turnovers killed the Whirlies last night and a couple of times when they put the ball the ball on the ground with fumbles, it came during key drives and you just can’t have that happen and still be successful….The penalties and turnovers will kill you….

    Still have to give a lot of credit to WG for their win and they earned it and I was impressed with the big fullback from Eggleston….Kind of like a Pete Johnson from Buckeyes days gone by and like the big back for the NY Giants….

  • Gfan said,

    Western Guilford played outstanding last night and we had way too many penalties and general lack of execution. Western hit us in the mouth and we were not ready. Probably a little bit of looking ahead and admiring ourselves too much. Andy you for sure did not see us at our best but I guarantee we will be ready this week. I am hearing De’Shawn will be back this week. He is a big difference maker on offense. I am quite sure that Coach C will continue the butt chewing that he started at half time this weekend and early next week. He will have his boys ready.

    Western did not look like a 1 and 3 or 1 and 4 team last night. Not sure how they managed to lose the first few games but saying they were ready last night was an understatement.

    Interesting week coming up. Most of the Metro teams have at least one loss. Page will get their’s Friday night.

  • PageFan said,

    The Pirates are going to start our run through the conference starting this week, no loss this week Gfan for us, Page31-14.

  • Damon said,

    Bubba got the start at QB for SEG. He only threw two passes, completing one. SEG will improve. They put two runners over 100yds, Petty was one. He could have had a big night, but Tyrek Able was in the right place all night long. That kid has talent! I would like to commend to the Falcons players for keeping their composure last night under difficult circumstances.

  • John said,

    Grimsley is improving and they are hungry for payback. However I would be hesitant to bet against Kevin Gillespie with two weeks to prepare for a game. Especially when that game is Grimsley.

    I hope De’shawn is back for this game. I want Page to beat Grimsley when the Swirlys are at full strength. 🙂

  • Mike said,

    Would love to see a scholarship foundation set up for Big Jim. If im out of line I apologize.

    Vegas Mike

  • Damon said,

    I would donate to that

  • Chuck said,

    Anybody got the box score for the EG v. Morehead game? Must have been a great 4th quarter

    Can’t find it online

  • ron said,

    Damon not sure Bubba ready for the big lights. The start against Smith was ok…but not sure he’s ready for the rest of the confrence. He is indeed the QB of the future, but I think he’s in the fire too early. As for Page. They need to get the ball to number 6 a little more. That kid can catch and fly. I think if the QB would step up in the pocket and make the throws he would have more success. He is not a roll out run type QB. I’m picking Page for this game though.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Ask and ye shall receive, seek and ye shall find….

    from and we have the Eastern Guilford-Morehead box score:


    Morehead 7 0 18 7 – 32

    Eastern Guilford 0 6 13 14 – 33


    MHS – Devin Neal 34 pass from Will Dabbs (0:00), Alex Villa kick


    EG – Davonte Williams 12 run (:36.4), kick failed


    MHS – Neal 27 run (11:02), Villa kick

    MHS – Brannon Davis 55 fumble return (8:21), Mike Jones conversion pass from Stephen Greeson

    EG – Jarius Morehead 73 kickoff return (8:01), conversion pass failed

    MHS – Villa 35 field goal

    EG – Morehead 16 pass from Heith Justice (1:07), Caleb Stanley kick


    MHS – Neal 28 run (11:08), Villa kick

    EG – Williams 12 run (9:05), Stanley kick

    EG – Justice 32 run (1:41), Stanley kick



    First Downs 21 16

    Rushing 34-175 36-207

    Passes (C-A-I) 8-19-1 8-17-0

    Passing Yards 185 85

    Total Yards 360 292

    Penalties 10-110 11-92

    Fumbles-Lost 4-3 4-3

    Punts/Avg. 4-33.7 5-39.0


    RUSHING – MHS – Devin Neal 10-126, Will Dabbs 17-(-10), Matt Hodges 3-34, Rashed Lyons 3-34, Tyler Dabbs 1-15, Tarrance Pratt 1-1, Dez McDaniel 1-9; EG – Heith Justice 18-148, Davonte Williams 10-38, Terrell Pickett 5-7, Team 1-(-18).

    PASSING – MHS – Will Dabbs 8 for 16, 85 yards, TD, Tyler Dabbs 0 for 1; EG – Heith Justice 8 for 19, 185 yards, TD.

    RECEIVING – MHS – Tyler Dabbs 2-28, Devin Neal 2-42, Dez McDaniel 1-5, Tarrance Pratt 1-12, Mike Jones 1-(-1), Chris Patrick 1-(-1); EG – Jarius Morehead 4-82, Terrell Pickett 2-40, Raquan Jones 2-63.

    PUNTING – MHS – Stephen Greeson 5 for 195 yards (56 long); EG – Caleb Stanley 4 for 135 yards (42 long).

    INTERCEPTIONS – MHS – Tyler Dabbs.

    SACKS – MHS – Javion Terry, Harley Mabry; EG – Davonte Williams 3, Ayo Babatunde, P.J. Perry, Calvin Zigler.

    FUMBLE RECOVERIES – MHS – Dez McDaniel, Matt Hodges, Brannon Davis; EG – Davonte Williams, Corey Dick, Khayree Lundy.

  • Page Fan Too said,

    Ron – you obviously haven’t seen Page play much. The page QB has had plenty of success passng the ball. Not sure where that comment is coming from. We say the QB pass for close to 150 yards the first quarter against Western to multiple receivers. Page offense is getting their groove and does not to tie the passing and running game together.

  • Page Fan Too said,

    Correction. First Half against Western. Not first quarter.

  • Chuck said,

    Thanks Andy.

    Looks like it was a second half shootout.

  • Gfan said,

    Why did Greene not play in the SEG game? You don’t try out underclassman QBs in a conference game. Will didn’t play badly in the Grimsley game.

  • Damon said,

    I can only give you my opinion. He was neck and neck all summer. Several people will tell you they thought he won the job, but Will has been a starter for almost 3 years and a decent QB. He had the experience. I was surprised that Bubba didn’t get time in the blow outs of the first two games. Ron, said he feels the kid isn’t ready. I completely disagree. He has been killing every team in Guilford County with the JV squad and the kid can throw. I doubt they were just trying him out. I’m sure that if he gets the start, the 1st game jitters are out of his system.

  • page4life said,

    Ron…..not sure either how may page games that you have seen,because before you can run and fly with the ball, You must catch it FIRST!!! While 6 has caught some great catches he has dropped more in big time plays that the QB has hit him in chest with the ball!!!! Page’s bread and butter starts with Putnum and Gavin!!!!!!!!

  • ron said,

    Well up until this point the “bread and butter” haven’t be able to produce much. I haven’t seen alot of Page games because I’m not a fan. I’m actually pretty netural except for when Dudley plays. I do know football though. The QB would be more effective if he stayed in the pocket and read his progressions. I did see the HP central game and his timing was off alot with his receivers. All i know is when you have senior leadership at certain positions, they need the ball in their hands. Now that I have said that it may not be on the QB it may be on the coaching staff, and that’s a whole different story. As far as Bubba is concerned Damon he is a good kid. Yeah he has put up descent numbers against subpar JV squads which most are freshman, but I’m really concerned for him when SE gets into the meat of the schedule. They barley squeaked passed Smith. That’s not a good sign. Once he grows and matures a little more he will be good to go next year. Only concern i have there is that they are not going to turn him loose and it will impact the offers he gets. He would be better transferring to a more spread type offense. That’s where his talents will shin. If he continues at SE in the running style offense he is a sitting duck.

  • ron said,

    I will admit that Gavin kid is nice from the wildcat. He puts pressure on the defense and he can pass.

  • Pirate Fan said,

    Ron – to your own admission you have seen one game this year for Page. Putnam has put the ball right on the money for most of his passes. Sure he can improve as everyone on any team. A lot of passes have been dropped by the receivers – when they were placed exactly where they should be thrown – to Page4Life’s point. The wildcat wasn’t even done at the HighPoint game – so not sure what you saw there. Passing game was on then for the most part. Page does need to incorporate more running into the game – but the main reason they have been able to put some points on the board is due to passing. Again as I saw with another post you need to have the ball to score the points so defense also needs to step up and get the ball back in the tough 3rd down situations. If you have only seen one game then I wouldn’t be too quick to point out what Page is and isn’t doing right.

  • ron said,

    correction…i’ve only seen one official game. i have seen scrimmages and bits and pieces of film here and there that’s how i know they run the wildcat with Gavin. I also look at stats.


    Will Green did not play for SEG Friday…..

    Editor’s Note:

    *****Will will be back, he shall return.*****

  • Andy Durham said,

    Everybody is gonna get their chance this Friday night…..The quarterback with Jordan Putnam and Jake Simpson is going to be a good one….I have faith in both of those young men that they will be on their best game this Friday night…..

  • Andy Durham said,

    And in our attempts to give credit where credit is due….Craven did a solid job for SEG this past Friday night vs. Smith…..