High School Football Saturday Morning rewind with just one Guilford County unbeaten left

Posted by Andy Durham on September 22, 2012 at 11:11 am under High School | Read the First Comment

Northern Guilford at (5-0) and that is the last one left standing in Guilford County….You would think that the Nighthawks have a great chance to run the table, after taking apart Eastern Alamance last night and with the fact that previously unbeaten Western Alamance got taken out by coach Lin Stadler’s Rockingham County Cougars….Eastern Alamance is a good team and I thought we might see a ‘Battle of the Unbeatens’, with Northern vs. Western Alamance in the last game of the regular season, but not to be the case now…Another big night for T.J. Logan on Friday, with 207 yards rushing and 3 TD’s…Got my stats on that one, from the Rivals.com reporter that was there covering the game, as all the game scribes line up at the McDonald’s to use the free Wi-Fi on Friday nights…Usually see a few Nighthawks’ fans at the MAC stop too….

Ragsdale led early but the Tigers fell from the ranks of the unbeatens, at the hands of East Forsyth, over in Kernersville last night….Haven’t heard any definitive reports yet, but you know there had to be a huge crowd at that game…Saw where the Tigers got on the board first, with the TD pass from Marquez Eleazor to Brandon Walker and would love to see how that play developed and took place….Trying to imagine it and just can’t make it happen…..Tough loss for the Tigers, but they will bounce back….

Among the ‘Big Three’ games that we were looking at last night, the Western Guilford-Grimsley game proved to be the closest one….NG won 49-7, East Forsyth took theirs 35-7 and the WG-Grimsley ended up at 28-14 Hornets…Back on that East Forsyth team, their QB Garrison Duncan has to be one of the best in the state….Right up there with the kid from Raleigh and with Ferguson at Matthews Butler….Does Duncan remind you of James Summers(Page)???

From the WG-Grimsley game, as I mentioned in an earlier comment, I was very impressed with the Western Guilford running game…It is usually the WG passing game, but last night it was the Hornet running game with Tray Miller, Ramone Ramsey and Emmanuel Khamala…..Khamala on the carry, is a new kid on the map….Guys like Andrew Schultz and Josh Taylor up front were impact players for Western too….Thought that Jake Simpson ran/called a good game for Grimsley at QB and Reid Flippin from WG was equally impressive and Flippin is very efficient in his leadership role….Liked that big fullback for Grimsley, Eggleston and the Whirlies just put the ball on the ground too many times, in crucial situations…..

HUGE PLAY GAME coming this week with Page at Grimsley….Throw the records out into the street over on Westover Terrace and let the fun and the games begin…Going to be a busy and fun week for both Grimsley and Page this week(Saturday-Saturday)…..

Metro shaping up now with Dudley(2-0), Page(1-0), Grimsley(1-1), Western(1-1), Southeast(1-1), Smith(0-2) and Southern Alamance(0-2)….Smith and Southern Alamance are still very dangerous teams….

Big time game coming up this week with Northwest Guilford at High Point Central….Piedmont Triad Conference has East Forsyth(2-0), Northwest Guilford(2-0), Ragsdale(1-1), Glenn(1-1), High Point Central(0-1), Southwest Guilford(0-2) and WS Parkland(0-2)…..Not here calling him out, but Bison28 is going to be busy this week too….

We shall do some more researh and study and more coming up on the other games throughout the day….Got look at Dudley, SEG, NEG, Southern, HPA and more….

  • Andy Durham said,

    Just got the news and Austin Coltrane out for the Northern Guilford Nighthawks…Hamstring tear and could miss the rest of the regular season….Hate to hear that….Great kid and the Nighthawks will sure miss their QB/DB/P/KR and holder….This Coltrane kid has some of the Daniel Downing ability in him and his team will be glad when they finally get him back/see him return….Burney Sindab’s turn now and time to get to work….