Middle School Football Today with Kiser vs. Aycock and looking for others(Found Lincoln-Jackson/ SEG-Allen/KMS-NEG)

Posted by Andy Durham on September 26, 2012 at 8:23 pm under Amateur | 5 Comments to Read

Got some more scores for us?????

Lincoln 14
Jackson 0

Kernodle Middle School 22
Northeast Guilford 8

Southeast Guilford Middle 56
Allen Middle 22

Kiser 22
Aycock 20

Kiser 14
Aycock 12

Some of the top players I spotted were RB Richmond for Kiser, WR Josh Hopkins for Aycock(Throw it up there and Hopkins will go get it….Made several excellent catches today and hauled in a two-point conversion grab.), plus there was DB Jack Albright for Kiser, QB John Zellis for Aycock and many more…..Send some more key names our way and we will add them to the list…..Solid job as always by PA announcer Norman Smith…..Former bank executive and now a football fanatic…..That Richmond kid from Kiser, was running like a grown man at times in this game….

  • Triadwatch said,

    56 southeast middle 22 Allen middle

  • update said,

    Lincoln 14 to Jackson 0

  • Don Puryear said,

    There is a kid for Kiser Matthew Puryear who plays on both sides of the ball. He plays Inside Line backer on defense and Fullback on the offense (#44). He had a strong running game against Aycock and an interception. Keep playing hard!

  • ron said,

    Ezra Perkins #5 is a stud at running back for Aycock. It really was a good game. Josh is probably on of the better receiver i’ve seen this year in middle school. He’s actually a good QB too.

  • Andy Durham said,

    I saw those kids that you guys are mentioning and they did a very good job for their teams yesterday….I think along with his receptions, Josh Hopkins also had an interception for Aycock and Puryear is following in the footsteps of his brother John, who was also a talented Kiser athlete….