“Academics are going to have to come first” and in the past they haven’t says UNC Chancellor Holden Thorp

Posted by Andy Durham on September 27, 2012 at 11:58 am under College | Read the First Comment

Time to put academics first, says UNC Chancellor Holden Thorp and he plans to return to the classroom, so he can do something about it, when he steps down as the University’s top official in June of 2013….Thorp says new admission standards that apply directly to the athletes must be used and UNC needs to have stringent admission policies in place that require and make student-athletes enter the University prepared to learn and ready to meet the challenges of a real ‘Institution of Higher Learning’ and not just some football and basketball factory….Thorp does not want UNC to become an athletic academy, he wants his school to be an ‘Academic Institution’, where student-athletes can excel in the classroom and on the ball field…..”Academics First” will be the new slogan at UNC-Chapel Hill…..

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  • Mick said,

    “Thorp says new admission standards that apply directly to the athletes must be used…”

    Hey, I’m all for it but how in the world are you going to do that? Raise the “minimum” requirements I suppose but is that system wide or school to school? Make recruits apply and be accepted like everybody else. Now that sounds good but it isnt very realistic in todays world and very few schools with major (I know, I know) sports programs have that philosophy. Though it can be and is done at least to some extent. But if anybody out there thinks there arent varying “standards” for admission to almost every school … you are fooling yourselves. Even Ivy League coaches in nonrevenue sports have a limited number of “magic bullets” per year for kids who “meet the minimum requirements”. BTW: the everyday kids who just meet the minimum requirements at most schools havent a chance of acceptance.

    Honestly, raising the “minimum” standards is the only thing I see as workable and realistic. But let’s see what they come up with. Good luck.