The people are leaving us way too quick:We lost another one today as Bruce ‘The Bull’ Bullington dies at age 37

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You would expect it little bit more from someone in their early to mid-60’S, as we saw in the case of ‘Big Jim’ Modlin, but that is still way too early to be checking out, and then we get the news today that the ‘Oriole Kid’, Bruce Bullington has died at the mere age of 37…

Bruce Bullington worked in the master control section at WXLV TV 45 and he had been on the job there for nearly 20 years….Bruce got rolling into the TV work right out of high school and worked for TV 45, ‘The Great Entertainer’ WGGT TV 48 and TCT’s TV 61….You might find Bruce working at all three at the same time…

One of his real claim to fames was his lifelong devotion to the Baltimore Orioles…He loved that team, inside and out/through and through….Bruce bled the Orange and Black of Baltimore and he attended many games up in Maryland over the years, at Orioles Park at Camden Yards and early on at the old Baltimore Memorial Stadium….

Bruce was a regular season ticket holder for the Carolina Hurricanes and he may have missed only game ever and that might have been due to a driving snowstorm when his car broke down on the way to the game or on the way back from TV 45….

‘The Bull’ never missed a Hurricanes’ game in Greensboro, Raleigh or wherever they would play in this state….He used to go down to Atlanta for Hurricanes’ season openers and he would do the same thing and drive to Washington, D.C if the Hurricanes were to open there,, against the Caps…..

Bruce Bullington was just one crazy sports fan and he found the professional sports to be his main desire….He did go down to Raleigh and he would follow the N.C. State Wolfpack, but if the Pack was home and Home Team Sports was still around and showing an Orioles game, Bruce would be at home, watching Home Team Sports…..

Bruce was a very informed sports fan….He knew the game although his health problems over the years, never really allowed him to play many of the games….Bruce had his health issues, but he never let them steal his love and passion for the games….It was a pretty tight race between the Orioles and the Hurricanes to see who was #1 with Bruce, but I think the Orioles would still win, since they were his first love/team…..

Bruce was a proud graduate of Ben L. Smith High School and he spent many a day over at Smith helping Derrick Johnson and Alan Ashkinazy with the baseball teams, whether it be as the official scorer, or as the official Golden Eagles #1 baseball fan, even though they didn’t have a real large fan base…..Bruce graduated from Ben L. Smith in 1993….

I knew Bruce from back in my days in Talk Radio and he was part of the ‘Off the Wall Sportscall’ Hall of Fame way back in 1987……That would have put him at 12 years old, when he used to call the sports show…..680-1010….Every kid in town, with any sense at all, knew that number…..Bruce, Doug, Franklin, Josh, Ryan, Brian, Tim, Chris, Kathleen, Ed, Woody, Jimmy, Earl, Marie, I could go on and on….I put all of the callers in the Hall of Fame and they would call every day to get on the roll call and have their name checked in and accounted for….We had a motley group…….680-1010….That was the number to get in….I can still hear ‘Little Bruce’s’ high pitched voice, “Hey Jock, Hey Jimmy”, “How’s it going”….Know that voice like it was yesterday…..The key phrase was, “How’s it going”….The kid felt like he was a part of the sports family….And he was a good kid….Everybody loved Bruce, cause he had a passion for his sports and his teams…..

Bruce did some radio work along with TV and I got him a start doing board work at WKEW AM1400 and then he went on to work at 1220 WREV, 830 WETR, 1150 BAG and a few more of the AM’s….Bruce had an affinity for the AM’s, ’cause that is where he cut his teeth….He had a nice run with Brad Krantz at WKEW1400 and he seemed to enjoy his work in radio, but he really seemed to like it even better in the early days, when he was a caller and he didn’t really know then, what went on behind the scenes…Radio is a lot like wrestling, once you see all that goes on backstage, you have to approach it from a different direction….In radio, if you never saw the real insides, then you would love the creativity even more for ever…..The things that go on, once you get ‘behind the curtain’……

RIP Bruce Bullington, we will miss you and we are glad we had the chance to know you…..

  • Marshall Brown said,

    I am deeply saddened to hear about Bruces passing. I’ve never met a more passionate sports fan than Bruce, he was the definition of a true fan. R.I.P Bruce.

  • Bryan Jones said,

    This is one of those “You’ve got to be kidding me” moments because Bruce was my brother’s age.

    Bruce also created the Greensboro Hockey Museum where he created the fan message boards. He ended up with all kinds of Greensboro Hockey Memorabilia and attended Generals games, when he didn’t have Hurricanes game.

    He was definitely “The Bull,” but thats what made Bruce Bruce. I’m just sad that he won’t be able to see his Orioles get back in the playoffs this year.

    I’m so sad he’s gone so soon! RIP Bruce

  • Andy Durham said,

    Bruce wrote quite a few articles for us back in the early days here at the site and he even had a few of his articles posted in the News and Record, back when he was in his early 20’s and he was working on the night time Sports Desk at the N&R with Meyer Anthony in charge and Bill Bevans….Ray Jones of WPET radio used to call Bruce, Bill Bullington and I know that got him pumped…….He had a good thing with the Greensboro Hockey Museum and they used to get some real good comments over there….Bruce was always a big fan of the local sports teams, Hornets, Monarchs, Generals, Prowlers, Dynamo, and the local game announcers that did the PA work inside the Stadiums…..He was a good one and he sure changed a lot over the years, from when he was a kid, but he never lost his love for sports…..He liked to be right in the middle of the sports controversy……..And he loved his teams…..

  • Mike said,

    Sorry to hear about Bruce’s passing. Not that I agreed with him on much (except the Orioles), but he seemed like a great passionate guy.