New Guilford County Top Ten High School Football Poll

Posted by Andy Durham on October 12, 2012 at 10:09 am under High School | Read the First Comment

Here’s how the new poll looks and it takes into account that this team beat that team and certain teams are playing at a higher level now than what some of the other teams are….

1)Northern Guilford(7-0)
2)Southern Guilford(6-1)
3)High Point Central(6-2)
4)Northwest Guiford(6-2)
8)High Point Andrews(6-1)
9)Southeast Guilford(5-3)
10)TIE:Northeast Guilford(5-2)/Western Guilford(4-4)

  • Mike said,

    I think for the first time in 4 years I am dead on with you and your poll! lol…. wouldnt change a thing.
    Western Guilford(4-4) at Dudley(4-3) Dudley -10
    Grimsley(2-5) at Smith(0-7) Grimsley -7
    Page(3-4) at Southern Alamance(2-6) Page -24
    Western Alamance(6-2) at Eastern Guilford(2-6) WA -14.5
    Glenn(3-4) at High Point Central(6-2) HPC -18.5
    Southwestern Randolph(3-5) at Northeast Guilford(5-2) NEG -15
    Northern Guilford(7-0) at Rockingham County(7-1) NG -14
    Northwest Guilford(6-2) at WS Parkland(0-8) NW -28
    Southern Guilford(6-1) at North Forsyth(4-3) SG -5
    Southwest Guilford(1-7) at East Forsyth(8-0) EF -30
    High Point Andrews(6-1) at Randleman(5-3) HPA -8

    Vegas Mike