New State-wide computer/power Rankings are in for this week

Posted by Andy Durham on October 16, 2012 at 11:07 am under High School | 4 Comments to Read

New rankings are in from James Alverson and Nick Stevens at WRALSportsFan’s High School OT and here we are with the local 4-A’s featuring East Forsyth at #2 and then:
Northwest Guilford #14
Dudley #29
Ragsadale #31
Page #34
High Point Central #43
Southeast Guilford #49
Western Guilford #55
Grimsley #69…..
CLICK HERE to see all of the 4-A’s…

In the 3-A ranks we have:
Northern Guilford #2
Southern Guilford #17
Northeast Guilford #35
Eastern Alamance #11
Rockingham County #18
Western Alamance #22
CLICK HERE to see all of the 3-A’s in the Power Rankings…

From the 2-A ranks we have:
High Point Andrews #3
Eastern Randolph #19
Reidsville #20
CLICK HERE for the full 2-A rankings….

  • no ones talking about????? said,

    Its amazing that all these football teams in guilford county being talked about and high point andrews football team gets no press. Is there a reason why??????? Or should i say just why????

  • My Opinion said,

    I don’t know anything about HP Andrews or why people are speaking or not speaking about them but here is my opinion. #1 – they are in HP and this site seems to focus on Greensboro 80% of the time, High Point 10% of the time and other 10% of the time, #2 – HP Andrews is 2A and most of the focus in Greensboro goes to the 4A schools first and a distance 2nd goes to the 3A teams, #3 – the HP fans (if any) are not pumping up their schools with comments or write ups on this site, and #4 – other than the HP Enterprise, who is carrying stories about schools like HP Andrews, or HP Central (the N&R barely knows that it is located in Greensboro much less Guilford Co).

    Maybe someone in High Point should start their own sports site similar to or I have always wondered why Winston Salem or Forsyth Co has not started a similar site for their sports teams. Heck – I still don’t understand how or why the Triad does not have its own sports network instead having to rely on 2nd hand programming out of Charlotte and Raleigh from only 1 station.

  • Andy Durham said,

    We had some pretty good news/info about High Point Andrews up here on the site last weekend….QB #’s and some other player numbers and we had info on their big game coming up with Carver this week….We get a little more about Central up, but I just happen to know a few Central folks and they keep up abreast….Any inside information, on any of our teams, if you have it, we would love to get it…..

    Thanks……And if Andrews were 4-A and in one of the 4-A conferences with our other Guilford County 4-A teams, I am sure they would be getting more coverage….They do get kind of lost over in the 2-A conferennce with all their like foes being from outside Guilford County……

  • Andy Durham said,

    We slowly but surely keep adding more teams to our talk with East Forsyth, Eastern Alamance, Western Alamance, Rockingham County, Reidsville, and Eastern Randolph getting a few pops/props this week….