Jim Modlin Memorial Friday Nigh Scoring Desk – November 2, 2012 – Playoffs Round #1

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Update #11 – 10:51 PM – Good Night

West Rowan (8-2) – 21
Northeast Guilford (7-3) – 17

Asheboro (4-7) – 0
Northern Guilford (11-0) – 69

(Chapel Hill wins in 2OT plays at Northern next week.)

Southern Guilford (10-1) – 37
Westover (4-7) – 12

Final OT
AL Brown (8-3) – 41
North Fosyth (7-4) – 34

Hillside (8-2) – 14
Southeast Guilford (6-4) – 17

North Davidson (11-0) – 45
Western Guilford (4-7) – 17

Dudley (6-4) – 36
Reagan (8-2) – 22

Davie County (9-2) – 38
Ragsdale (7-4) – 8

High Point Central (9-2) – 12
Mt. Tabor (6-5) – 15

Northwest Guilford (7-3) – 42
Independence (9-1) – 45

Page (7-4) – 40
Rocky River (7-4) – 14

East Forsyth (10-0) – 42
Providence (5-5) – 7

Carrboro – 68
Cummings – 31

W. Alamance – 20
Overhills – 30

S. Brunswick – 14
E. Alamance – 28

Aycock – 36
Williams – 22

Concord – 51
McMichael – 38

FINAL – Thursday Night
Piedmont (5-6) -14
TW Andrews (10-1) – 28

  • birdnsky said,

    SE 7
    Hillside 0

    Dudley 14
    Reg 7

    SG 13
    West 6

    West Rowan 7
    NE 0

    NG 35
    Ash 0

  • Dustin Ellington said,

    NWG 21 independence 14 8 min left in the half

  • Coach Turk said,

    Dudley 22 Reagan 7
    Southern Guilford 34 Westover 6
    Mount Tabor 7 H.P.Central 3

  • naquedskwirrels said,

    Rockingham Co 14 Central Cabarrus 14 H

  • huh said,

    where are u getting SE score, im hearing 14-7 hillside

  • Coach Turk said,

    Davie County 21 Ragsdale 0

  • Mike said,

    Dudley 30 Reagan 7
    SG 34 Westover 6
    Butler 28 WF 0
    Hillside 14 SE 7
    NE 17 West Rowan 14

    Vegas Mike

  • STREETDOGG said,


  • Mike said,

    2 min warning WR driving
    Thats the update i had a few mins ago


  • Mike said,

    WR just scored to go up 21-17 less than 1 minute in 4th


  • STREETDOGG said,



  • STREETDOGG said,


  • Vikings said,

    NWG 35 – Independence 35

  • Mike said,

    40 yd rushing td
    NE driving on WR 24 less than min

  • STREETDOGG said,


  • Mike said,

    Final: WR 21 NE 17
    Final: Dudley 44 Reg 22


  • 81player#51 said,

    Northern looks better than last year… look out 2012

  • Mike said,

    SG 37 Westover 12 F
    Butler 49 WF 0 4th
    Concord 51 McMichael 38 4th
    Aycock 36 WIlliams 22 F
    Charlotte Catholic 15 Marvin Ridge 12 F


  • 81player#51 said,

    First round of playoffs is a joke. Teams that have only one 3 or 4 games all year have no business being there. Just a chance for a top player to go down when he shouldn’t even have to play such a team.

  • 81player#51 said,

    my bad.. won 3 or 4 games.

  • Turbo said,

    40 to 1431 Page, off to East Forsyth!!

  • Turbo said,

    40 to 14 Page LOL!!

  • Falcon said,

    Will Greene kicked a 44 yard field goal to give SE Guilford a win 17-14 as time expired.

  • ron said,

    SE 17 Hillside 14 final

  • Falcon said,

    SE scored with 47 seconds left to tie the score

  • Falcons said,

    Southeast shocks hillside Pick off a pass with secs remaining. Then kick a 44 yd field goal to win it as time expired
    Southeast 17. Hillside 14

  • Mike said,

    I can say without a doubt, thats the biggest SE Falcon Football win…. in a longgggg time,! congrats young fellas!


  • Gfan said,

    Wow nice win for SEG. Good job Will Greene. It has been kind of a crazy season for him but glad to see he is still focused and working hard for his team.

  • Turbo said,

    Anybody know the NW score?

  • Gfan said,

    Per Turbo NWG 3521 Indy 35

  • Witness said,

    Dudley 44 Reagan 22 RHIII and the Moseley brothers steal the show for the panthers! With help from Darius Graves and stud freshman running back Connell Young!

  • Sasha said,

    Any final on the Rockingham County/Central Cabarrus game?

  • Sasha said,

    Also, has the North Forsyth/AL Brown score been confirmed as final. Someone on NCPreps is saying that it was going into OT.

  • 77 Hornet said,

    North Davidson at 12-0 now for the season.

  • Pager said,

    Page lookedgreat tonight, had a few missteps with the extra points first half. Defense really made some nice plays and two interceptions on the night. Gain had a great game offensively. Putnam continues to be very strong along with his receivers tonight. Great job Page,

  • Pager said,

    Thats Gavin had a great game. Correction as there were three picks by the Pirates tonight. Stanley and Brewer continue to be standouts on defense.

  • Metro said,

    The Metro Conference showed up in the play offs . They 3-1 and the lone loss being Western who played tough against a very good North Davidson Team. Good job SE, Dudley, and Page.

  • John said,

    Once Page’s offense adjusted to Rocky River’s blitzing, they got on track. Putnam struggled early with accuracy but he was getting zero time to set up and throw. The OL really struggled in the first half. But Gillespie called some great plays to take advantage of RR’s over-pursuit. The screen pass to Bolden and the wheel route that Bolden caught for a TD were excellent calls. Kudos the the offensive line in the second half for wearing down the RR front seven with the run game.

    Page’s defense was outstanding for most of the game. Grant Brewer was everywhere and the secondary made some good breaks on some passes. BUT…RR had some plays when the receiver was wide open. Page caught a few lucky breaks when the receiver dropped the ball. There were at least 3 sure TD passes that were dropped by RR.

    East Forsyth looks very tough. It’s a road game for Page and hopefully they will keep the momentum going. Great win for the Pirates.

  • Gfan said,

    It will be a tough test at EF next week. Page will need to be on their A game from the opening whistle on. No time for a letdown against these guys. You folks will love Earnest T. Bass on the PA at East. I will be there too.

  • Brian said,

    Where are all the haters on Fritz and the SE coaches today. I’m waiting for the “they let the kids down again” or the “SE will never win the big game with this coaching staff” comments. I was at that game last night and can tell you the game plan, especially the defensive game plan was outstanding. The coaches moved a few players around, and was able to shut down their big TE #19 and kept the Francis kid that is going to UNC under wraps. Nice offense that mixed the pass and run well and kept Hillside off balance. The kids played the best I have seen a SE team play since they beat #1 seed Asheboro in 06. The kids deserve most of the credit, but those coaches had those boys prepared and believing that they could win, and they did.

  • Kids Need Help said,

    Kids were well prepared! Decision making still questionable. You must have missed the reverse that was ran on 4 and 9 that came up way short. . Will was trotted out on the field, the other Coach calls a timeout. He gave the SEG coach just enough time to talk himself out of a 32yd go ahead FG. Durham’s coach takes the cake, though. Crazy game……….

  • Damon said,

    There was a lot hospitality displayed in Durham last night. Is it normal protocol to remove all the toilet seats? If you’re athletic enough, you can get around that one. However, there was no toilet paper! Also, at half time SEG was locked outside. If your an SEG fan and superstitious, I’ll meet you in the visiting locker room to remove all toilet seats and toilet paper. We don’t want to upset the ‘Football gods’. I don’t know if we can get our kids locked out at half time, but I’ll try to come up with something between now and the next game.

  • Damon said,

    Good job to Falcons in overcoming adversity. The kids were ready to play. Will Green’s FG was big time. Brooks and company did great job on the Francis kid. Stay hungry and be prepared.

  • Brian said,

    Actually kids need help, that call came up about one yard short. Of course you must be part of the lunatic fringe, that 5% in the SE community that has never been happy with anyone that has coached there. The same group that made Tommy Noorwood so miserable that he couldn’t get out of there fast enough. The same group that ran the guy who the stadium is named after off to Eastern Guilford in the mid 70s. Most SE fans I know are very supportive of the kids and the coaches (like Damon), but people like you have made that place poisonous in all sports, men’s and women’s for years. Enjoy your self loathing, off to round two.

  • Kudossssss said,

    Great game to all the Guilford County Kids. Lov them all….Keep representing our talented county….

  • Falcon1 said,

    Damon is on the outside wanting to be in the know. Never will be. Been reading his posts all season. He has his slant. Chose to be outside at Hillside at halftime which is what we have done most of the season. Well said Brian on the coaching issue. Could not agree more. Every head coach that has been down here has tried to work with what was avaliable each season. Some years you just don’t have the personnell. We do what we do and that’s the way it is.

    Don’t be a Hater

    Thanks Vega Mike and GFan!!

    Great, Great Win for the Falcons!! Another week is all that any team wants in the playoffs.

  • Page Fan said,

    Personally I have enjoyed Damon’s posts and thinks he calls them as he sees them – and pretty accurate on most of his comments. Not sure why you would say what you did Falcon1 by anything he wrote in this post. The good thing about Damon? He isn’t scared to use his own name. Certainly wouldn’t call Damon a hater based on his posting this year and past years. Don’t start trouble where there isn’t any.

  • Brian said,

    Thanks Falcon1, but Damon has been positive towards the team this year. SE is the strangest place I have ever seen. Fritz has the best winning % next to slayon in the histroy of the school. No one in 50 years has won big there, but the lunatic fringe hates him because he hasn’t lived in Pleasant Garden his entire life or went to school there. Vegas Mike and Gsofan, thanks for the support. It’s so damn easy for those who have never played or especially coached be experts from the bleachers.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Coach Fritz had team about five years ago when they played Eastern Randolph at ER on the Friday night after Thanksgiving and SEG nearly took that game and winner was one game away from the Regional Title game…Great team that year with the Stewart kid I think at QB and Justin Venable was one of the top players that year and Dion Bratcher was the top RB that season…Coach Fritz was the Coach of the Year in the Region and that was one of the best teams that SEG ever had….

    Coach Norwood had a very strong playoff team with Heath Calligan, Kevn Carder and I think Brent Morehead was on those teams…Super ball teams and SEG has had very good football on given seasons over the years and Coach Slayton got it all started back in the mid-60’s….The Falcons had won something like 3 games in 4 years when Coach Slayton took over and he won at least 4 his first year and had the team in the State Semifinals within five years….That son of a gun could still coach if called upon…

  • Falcon1 said,

    Posting Scores from now on.

    Metro represent this week!! #round two

  • Falcon4Ever said,

    Fritz has never had a Guilford Co player of the year, Norwood had 2
    Fritz never had a East/West player, Norwood did.
    Fritz is coaching at the 4A level with the big boys, Norwood did not.
    Look folks, I played for SE under Norwood for 3 years, never heard a parent complain.
    BOTH are great coaches who have been dealt very different situations.
    BTW, Morehead graduated in like 90 or 91…. Caligan In 95, two of the best players to ever come out of that school!
    SE is a great school and an even better communtiy, pee wee football is on the rise thanks to the success of coach Fritz.
    Im a little biased here about the “best team SE ever had”…. ummm, NO, we were 12-2 and ranked 4th in the state at one time, lost to ER in the 3rd rd (they went on to the state finals and lost)
    Our line average 6’2 280, had about 8 guys run sub 4.5 and linebackers that would knock you into the next county!
    Anyways, falcon pride to the day I die, nothing but love and I wish them the best of luck!!
    Class of 95′ Conf champs boys football, baseball, soccer!! oh, and had 8 guys on the baseball team win the Palomino World Series!
    This is one proud guy to say I went to SE Guilford, Period!!

  • Damon said,

    Falcon 1,

    No, I didn’t know we chose to stay outside, but being outside really wasn’t that big of a deal. I know we’ve done that in past. I even remember going back to the bus a few years ago. I just thought removing the toilet seats and no toilet paper wasn’t very ‘Southernly’. I don’t think that added any extra motivation, but I’m still available for an early trip to Fayetteville.

    I thought I have been very supportive over the past 8 years of SEG Football and SEG in general. Like Fritz, I’m not from Greensboro. I’m an A&T Graduate and former military veteran who decided to make Greensboro home for me and my family. I could have moved anywhere in Guilford County, but I chose SEG. I was impressed with the school, the teachers, the administrators, and the physical style of football. I was at a few of those games during the run Fritz made with Dion Bratcher. I thought it would be a perfect place for my oldest little brother who now plays running back for Azusa Pacific. His game is similar to Bratcher’s. Oliver, chose to finish up high school in Moreno Valley, CA, but my Step Dad, moved out here with Terrance and Jamal based on the homework I did on SEG. Part of that homework was talking to Fritz, the man, not the football coach. I can’t say that I agree with everything that has gone on on the football field, but I think Fritz is a stand up guy. He has been very supportive of both my brothers, Terrance and Jamal.

    Commenting on here is a slippery slope, especially when you have kids in the program. The coaches are adults, but they’re not the only ones who view this site. They aren’t the only ones that hear the chatter. I try to keep that in mind when I post. Everyone of those kids on that team is friend of my brother. Some have been in our home, Jamal has played Club Soccer with Will for 4 years. That’s a lot of traveling and tournaments. I wouldn’t to anything to add stress to any of those friendships/relationships. Enough said.

  • Damon said,


  • Question?? said,

    Any idea when all-cnference selections will be made?

  • Andy Durham said,

    All-Conference should be coming out any time now, but much of it depends on when they decide to release it and we used to get a good early Metro release when Jim Clontz was at Western Guilford….Hope to see something soon and the newspaper may be waiting until Thanksgiving Weekend….

    Interesting when you look at opening weekend of playoffs and at Metro vs. PTA and how many move on to Round Two….

    Metro Moving on:
    Southeast Guilford
    (Western Guilford eliminated)

    PTA Moving on:
    East Forsyth
    (Northwest Guilford, High Point Central, Ragsdale eliminated)

    *****Some years you just never know?*****

    +++++I think the quarterback on the SEG team that made that long run that year to ER(Eastern Randolph) and Emergency Room, was Luke Stewart….+++++