Did you hear ‘The Whistle’ on Sunday? NFL says Carolina Panthers’ touchdown shouldn’t have counted

Posted by Andy Durham on November 6, 2012 at 11:05 am under Professional | Comments are off for this article

Did you/could you hear that whistle on Sunday, when the Carolina Panthers’ DeAngelo Williams made his long run up the right sideline, for a touchdown….The run for the TD came in first half of the Panthers-Redskins game and the NFL, along with their key people in the league offices, say that the Williams’ touchdown should not have counted…

The referee’s whistle blew before Williams got to the end zone and therefore the TD should not have counted and that is the word from the league office on Monday…

The whistle-blowing ref said he didn’t toot his whistle until the runner(Williams) was in the end zone, but the league went back and listened to it and they can clearly hear the whistle blowing, as Williams was running up the sideline and that whistle should have stopped the play….

If you watched and listened to the game on FOX TV with Kenny Albert and Darrell ‘Moose’ Johnston, you could hear that whistle…It was clear as day and you couldn’t miss the whistle sound…The Redskin players even stopped on the play and quit trying to tackle Williams, because they thought the play had been blown dead….The announcers thought that maybe the whistle was coming from the stands, but it was the official’s whistle and everybody could hear that one…

So the play stands, but it was the wrong call and the whistle was blowing because Williams supposively stepped out of bounds, but the replay clearly showed he never stepped out of bounds…The play had been blown dead and the defense stopped on the play, but again, the runner never stepped out of bounds….This proves that the ref was wrong twice on this play….

The fact remains that the league says that the touchdown shouldn’t have counted, but it really makes you wonder if it isn’t about time to, ‘Bring Back the Replacement Refs’?????

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