Greensboro Day vs. Rabun Gap Varsity Boys Game Report

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Greensboro Day (14-0) VS. Rabun Gap (Record Unknown)

                    1    2    3    4    Final
   Greensboro Day  14   24   24   14  - 76
   Rabun Gap        9    4   12   12  - 37

Individual player scores for Greensboro Day
Trevor Mayo – 11
Reed Lucas –10
Christian Hairston – 9
Darius Moore – 9
Bryan Rouse – 9
Reggie Dillard – 7
Jonathan Terry – 7
Montrel Goldston – 6
Marquelle McIntyre – 3
Josh Markwell – 3
Will Dillard – 2

Individual players scores for Rabun Gap
Dusan Kovacevic – 8
Myles Marshal – 6
Serberon Mackey – 6
Nate Cox – 6
Ethan Gillis – 5
Carter King – 3
Merault Almaror – 3

Submitted by Katie Watson, Greensboro Day

  • Kenny. said,

    Is GDS ever going to play anybody? Players in this area have figured GDS out. Players get worst at GDS and under achieve at GDS.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Tournament time at Northwest Guilford for GDS next week and then the TIMCO Tournament the following week…Their comp is heating up and when you have HPCA and WES down the road, that is real competition…It is coming, they play a busy schedule and they have it all laid out….

  • It is clear on GDS said,

    Why does WES and HPC play high level competition such as Oak Hill and regional/national holiday type of tournament with national teams present but GDS only plays over matched local teams that his players left originally ? Fred should have an asterick beside his state record in wins that says “he refused to play good teams even when he had good players”. His team will not come within 15 points of WES or HPC this year because they play too slow and he does not trust his players ability to create.

  • Observer said,

    1 – As a random observer they have played both the UNC JV team and Christian Faith. I wouldn’t call them slouch opponents.

    2 – they don’t play slow and they do create. So you must have not seen a game in about 10 years.

    3 – I would think the man knows what he is doing when he beat Dudley all those years with weaker talent and was state runner up last year in a very talented 3A field.

    4 – who knows if they can beat HPC or Wesleyan this year but they were 3-0 against Wesleyan last year with less talent.

  • child promise ! said,

    How did GDS have less talent than WES last year ? GDS was nearly 8-9 deep last year and WES only had 4 “really good” players last year. When the Florida State kid hurt his ankle last year WES was done. I would agree WES has much more high end talent. WES had zero coming off the bench last year. This years WES has a bench. Stop trying to protect Fred an admit he fears playing outside the league talented teams. He must protect his state winning record against cupcakes.

  • basketball fan said,

    And who is UNC JV team they are not good at all. Play Hagrave, QEA or Oak Hill. GDS does hide from people.

  • Sam said,

    Christian Faith beat QEA this year by 15 points and GDS beat Christian Faith.

    UNC JV has beaten teams like Hargave in the past.

    Wesleyan had no bench last year? Well Trey Chapman couldn’t even start for them and I would say that he is a pretty good player.

    It is comical how people become jealous of GDS success.

  • Choose Carefully said,

    Please stop defending Freddie the big game dodger. Freddie has not won a state championship in nearly 10 years and won’t within the next 5 with his players and style. Last year was a magicial year for GDS but that is in the past. You said UNC JV has beaten teams like Hargrove but also as you stated – that was in the past when Hargrove may not have had a high end level team. I can’t speak to why Trey Chapman does not start because I am not his coach. Who said that GDS is starting the “5 best players”? Sometimes a starter may be the best “fit” or “coachable” player but not the “best” player. GDS has several bench guys that would start for another coach but not the GDS coach. Some systems fit some players best. Best player does not mean a starting player.

  • Thomas said,

    I predict that Greensboro Day will beat both High Point Wesleyan and High Point Christian this year. I will take the experience of Coach Johnson over the youth of the other two coaches any day of the week. Don’t go doubting on Freddy or Thomas. I know where I stand.


  • doubting thomas said,

    I will take the 10-12 Division 1 recruits at Wesleyan and HPCA any day over his experience. Freddy has lost his touch getting the high end players and that is why the best players are going to the High Point Schools. It is like UNC-Duke. The two best basketball programs in the triad are about 4 miles apart.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Coach Johnson does and has done an outstanding job….He is Greensboro’s veteran coach now that coaches Robert Kent and David Price have stepped down….The way some of you are talking, you act like you want to see the GDS Bengals lose a game or two here right quick…You talk as if you want to see them play a much tougher schedule so you can see them go down…GDS will get plenty of competition at the TIMCO Invitational with NEG, Page, NWG, NG when they add in TJ Logan, Smith is good and it is a decent field with some good competition…

    I don’t think you can question how Coach Johnson runs his schedule…He will be right there in those games with WES and HPCA….

    WES and HPCA did not develop all the top DI players into DI recruits….Most of those guys were DI recruits when they got there and they were going to be recruited by DI schools if they attended WES,HPCA or some other school…

    WES and HPCA are doing a great job of assembling talent and there is nothing wrong with that these days cause that is how it goes….

    The talent moves in cycles and in circles…Circles of kids flock together and GDS can’t get them all….

    Let’s wait and see if WES and HPCA can keep it up as long as Coach Johnson has at GDS and then start doing your comparisons…

    Coach Keith Gatlin and Coach Brandon Clifford can definitely coach, but to do as long as Coach Johnson and with the success he has experienced, I hope they can come close, if so, they will have gone a long, long way with basketball and they will have helped a lot of young men have success on and off the court….

    That is what Coach Johnson has done and let’s not forget it so fast….There is more to this deal of coaching than just what happens on the court….What is happening in the classroom counts and is everyone looking to go to college for college and not just for basketball???

    This education and coaching game is about more than just the ball going into the hole…The coaches have to prepare the kids for life and make sure they have put them into a position where they will be prepared to earn a living for themselves and for their families and Coach Johnson has done that for many years….

    Don’t lessen what this Greensboro coach has done, he has done great things and the results should never be taken lightly in this day when kids/student-athletes need true education more than ever….

    Let’s not lose sight of what our coaches have done and Coach Freddy Johnson has done for many, many years and he should be commended and not be-littled for that…

  • Andy Durham said,

    Another part of my statement was going to be whatever happened to Freddy Barnes???

    Freddy Barnes(Dudley/Penn State)….

    I think we should really be spending more time talking about whatever happened to Freddy Barnes???

  • michael jackson's sequined glove said,

    Andy – Back in the day, Freddy Barnes was one of the best point guards to ever come out of Greensboro. I remember watching him at Allen Junior High with a stacked team that included TY Mcmillan (dudley / nca&t), Mark Lindsey (smith / junior college), and Gerald Carter (smith) – i recall that group beating a couple of junior high teams by 50+ without even breaking a sweat. Allen Junior High Vikings – Old School!! I wonder what happened to all those guys?

  • Andy Durham said,

    Good to see names like Freddy Barnes bringing back old memories…

    Who did he play for at Dudley?

    Was it Coach Steve Hankins or before Coach Hankins time???

    Last time I saw Coach Hankins it was at Jack Coltrane’s funeral…

    Coach Hankins had a son named Jimmy Hankins and he was a pretty good point guard too….

    Makes you wonder where Freddy Barnes is today and where Coach Hankins is also….

    Great names from the past……

    Makes you wonder where a lot of names ended up at?????

  • michael jackson's sequined glove said,

    Was it Coach Bill Chambers at Dudley back then? Not sure?