Day Seven of the Twelve Days(Meals) of Christmas from Golden Corral

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Day Seven of the Twelve Days(Meals) of Christmas from Golden Corral
(Thank-you Jeff Summey and Golden Corral)


*****All names for Thursday December 20 must go in here.*****
+++++You can only enter your name with your E-mail address….We can not take multiple entries with the same E-Mail address….Only one entry per individual E-mail address and it has to be yours….First entry with personal E-mail will have to count for you and you only, after that you can not enter multiple contestants with the same E-mail….Everyone must enter individually….+++++

Twelve Days(Meals) of Christmas from Golden Corral and Jeff Summey on Lawndale Drive, in Greensboro….This the Official Box for Day Seven of the 12 Days(Meals) of Christmas….You enter your name here and you have a chance to win a FREE meal from the Golden Corral…..

On the Seventh day of Christmas who wants the next FREE BUFFET from the Golden Corral???

Leave your name and we will have our Santa Claus, Don Moore, draw the winning name at the end of the day….One Win per person and be sure to leave a valid E-mail address so we can get in touch with you….Also make sure each person has their own individual correct E-mail address, so we can reach the valid WINNER….

Will start mailing winning meals out on Thursday of this week….

Good luck and you must leave your name each day to start the new selection process…No names will be carried over from the previous days’ entries and the this is the official box for the Seventh Day of Christmas and let the meals begin….

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