Graham Sporting Goods High School Basketball Tonight:Just got Dudley and Grimsley and both were Winners(We have Smith 36, SEG 24 boys game)

Posted by Andy Durham on December 21, 2012 at 11:02 pm under High School | 11 Comments to Read

Let’s start up a chat and get some more of the scores in here…Christmas is almost here, remember Graham Sporting Goods at….

Here’s Page-NEG boys…Anybody got Southern Alamance at Dudley girls??? Dudley 47, Southern Alamance 44

Finals Boys:
Northeast Guilford 62
Page 60

Grant Griffin(NEG) with 27 points to lead all scorers….Mohammed Tijani and Vance McRae with 10 each for the Rams and Xavier Hill-Mais with 14 for Page Pirates…Jalen Gavin 12 and Ty Graves 11 for the Page Pirates…

Dudley 68
Southern Alamance 59

Smith 36
Southeast Guilford 24

Grimsley 67
Western Guilford 60

Northern Guilford 56
Eastern Guilford 55

Quayson Williams 16 and Caleb Robinson with 8 points for EG…

Northwest Guilford 59
Hickory Grove 52


Southwest Guilford 87
Southern Guilford 55

SWG(8-0) Terrell Leach with 32 points…

Greensboro Day School 93
Huntersville Hopewell 46


High Point Christian Academy 61
National Christian 48


Wesleyan 64
Christ School 47

Abington Friends 75
New Garden Friends 49

Northwest Guilford 55
Hickory Grove 54

Western Guilford 86
Grimsley 47

Dudley 47
Southern Alamance 44

Southeast Guilford 54
Smith 26

For SEG Falcons:Kenya Hailey – 20, Kara Shutt – 13, Kayla Upshaw – 10 ….SEG(10-0)

Page 57
Northeast Guilford 23


Northern Guilford 67
Eastern Guilford 52


New Hope Christian 63
Charlotte Harding 31

New Hope(12-0)

Greensboro Day School 78
West Charlotte 60

River Mill 67
Hopewell 41

New Garden Friends 63
Abington Friends 60

  • Final said,

    Wesleyan – 64
    Christ School – 47

  • NG Girls said,


  • Andy Durham said,

    We’re getting there but we still need that Dudley-Southern Alamance girls score…..

    What ever happened to Tracy Burnett???

  • Tracy Burnett said,

    Dudley 47
    Southern Alamance 44

    Great game….Essence Abrahams for three with 5 seconds to go.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Thank-you Tracy and now I think we can call it a night…

  • incomplete reporting said,

    Girls Grimsley at Western?

  • Andy Durham said,

    If one of the coaches or the family of the players has that score they are going to have to send it to us….

    We get and seek out and find all kinds of scores and have an open door policy….

    If you send we will print, we have all the space in the world and we want to post your scores…

    Somebody do like Tracy did and like the others and the coaches did and please send…


  • paper said,

    N&R had it. 86 points. Smith getting 33 with all 9 players scoring.

  • DUSTY said,

    Make no mistake about it! THIS IS PANTHER COUNTRY AND CONFERENCE AND WE RUN THINGS. Hope Southern Alamance enjoyed your trip back up the highway!

    Page with Player of the year Parrish Kea will take care of you next and Southeast is chopping at the bits for you too.

    Folks in this conference know who runs this.

  • Tracy Burnett said,

    @Dusty- You might want to “dust” of your memory banks a little….and you evidently have forgot what crow tastes like. The defending “Metro Conference tournament champs” are ready to play.Long season,lot of games to go,great competition in a strong conference.It’s going to be a race to the finish and the Patriots will be there in the end. Good luck to all….enjoy your “early” christmas gift Dusty,we will see you soon in Patriot country. Ball on!

  • clint said,

    Smith 36 – SE 24 boys
    SE girls won by about 30 – Dont remember the score.