Looking back at the TIMCO Tournament:This was the a tourney that was Splendid

Posted by Andy Durham on December 29, 2012 at 5:43 pm under High School | 9 Comments to Read

This was a very good a tourney…The a tourney was the TIMCO Invitational, just completed on Friday night, at the Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Center…

Splendid it was and the future looks pretty bright for this a tourney, based on what we saw in the last game of the day….

The veterans were in charge in the end, but youth was served, as Greensboro Day School defeated Page High School to win the men’s/boy’s edition of the 37th Annual TIMCO Invitational.

Greensboro Day worked hard to get the win and Page made them earn it and we know the present and the near-future look real bright for the Bengals, but the down-the-road future looks very bright for the Page Pirates, with those freshmen in the backcourt and other very young players surrounding them….

I used to attend Mendenhall Mustang games and it was there, that I first saw Ty Graves and Anthony Eaves. They really give that Page Pirate guard rotation a nice backcourt boost and Graves wowed the crowds with his back-to-back evenings of 24 points on Thursday and then he came right back with 25 more on Friday….Graves seems like he saves his best backcourt boost for the big games and had two real big ones, on Thursday and Friday…

With Graves, Eaves and Sykes just freshmen and Hill-Mais a sophomore, this Page team has to be set for a few years to come, if they can keep everyone together…

The young kids used to tear it up over at Mendenhall and it will be sun to see if they can keep up with and surpass the pace, as they get deeper and deeper into their Pirate careers….

Splendid job by GDS and Page, with a finals that had the tempo and pace that kept you on the edge of your seat and at one stage of that game, we must have had at 9-10 lead changes as the game kept on going back and forth….

Kudos to the Page girls too for their win and very well represented on that All-Tournament Team with Paris Kea(MVP), Kayla Johson, Debrisha Barnes and Chelsey Coleman…Great run by the Smith girls in the tournament and they sure made it interesting, as they knocked off #’s 2 and 3, on their way to the Friday Finals…

The Day School boys finished second in the state last year, and they have to be thinking it is time to make a run for the NCISAA 3-A Title again this season and with kids like Reggie Dillard, Reed Lucas, Christian Hairston, JT Terry and Montrell Goldston, the Bengals have to be thinking about a return to the finals this season…

Can’t wait for the those Metro 4-A wars to get going in January and for the girls, it might be even more enlightening than the guys end/side, because with the ladies you have Page, Southeast Guilford, Dudley, Southern Alamance, plus now Smith and Western Guilford have shown that they intend to get in there and prove that they can effect the end results, as well….Page, SEG, Dudley, SA, Smith and WG making this a six-way fight for the finish….

Boys Metro bragging rights for January and February 2013 ought to least include the young guns at Page, along with Dudley and Smith, plus noise might be coming in from Western Guilford, Southern Alamance, and maybe Grimsley too…

On the private school side, the fun has not yet begun, but when it does, look out as usual for those meetings with GDS-HPCA, HPCA-WES and WES-GDS….

January means Conference Wars and we are just a few days away from that all beginning and running wide-open right up and into the March playoffs…..

A very good a tourney and more fun is right around the corner….

  • chuckyd said,

    it was a good tournament overall page boys did much better than i thought they would even leading at the end of the first half they made quite a game of it pages cheering section is trying to be like a little cameron indoor stadium-they had a very lively crowd

  • Terry said,

    The boys tournament was good, anything other than that someone is lying.

  • March Madness said,

    Great tournament! Andy, I think the people would love to see your top performers list for the three day event. Can you break it down for the boys and girls…. points, rebounds and assists.

  • ballin said,

    I like that idea. Can you do it for each day, the top 10 performers. That should be interesting.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Should have a boys and girls listing for point totals up on Monday…..

  • what said,

    Andy…….I hope you use this as an opportunity to show case all of the basketball teams in Guilford County and not just the select few who are selected to play in the TIMCO…..we had some student athelets from across the county named tournament MVP’s from you list posted……just would like to see a little justice for players across the whole county. 54 points by SWG Leach should be a starting point….Wow and it was done in a close game….Wow.

  • bballer12 said,

    I just have one thing to say and that is how does GDS have such a good team every year. Oh I know it’s because GDS gets all of these players and they reclassify and become 5th year seniors. From what I hear a few of these guys are 19 and 20 years old. Come on they should be playing college ball somewhere. Why should kids 14 or 16 years old be playing against guys that should be in college. If GDS wants to play against bigger and better teams they should play in a tournament with teams like Oak Hill , Christ School, High Point Christian Academy and other private schools.

  • Rules said,

    From the NCISAA rule book

    “E. DATE OF BIRTH. No player shall have reached his/her 19th birthday on or before August 1 of the current school year. (For the 2012-2013 school year, this birth date is 08-01-93.)”

  • Protect the Winning Percentage said,

    Not a GDS boys supporter but GDS does not have 20 year old kids on their team. They have several guys that reclassed 1 year after coming to GDS. This is no different than any other kid that failed or repeated a class in public school. I will agree with you that I cannot understand why the GDS boys play so many public schools out of conference versus playing similar skilled private schools. Why play a Walkertown HS that you won by 50 instead of playing a Myers Park HS public or a Thomasville Prep or Quality Education private ? I know the answer is because Freddy is trying to build and protect his winning record.