High School Basketball from Saturday afternoon

Posted by Andy Durham on January 6, 2013 at 3:48 pm under High School | 9 Comments to Read

Finals from Saturday afternoon and didn’t see these up here with us yesterday…

Greensboro Day School 56
Davidson Day 55

Reggie Dillard with 22 points for the Bengals and Montrell Goldston added 16 and JT Terry 10…GDS was up 9 points going into the 4th quarter and Davdison out-scored the Bengals 13-5 in the final period, to make the final a one-point difference…Good test and when you get to be (22-0) everyone is going to gunning for you…

Greensboro Day School 66
Davidson Day 36

Tamera Thorpe with 23 for GDS and Ronata Rogers pumped in 18 points and pulled down 12 rebounds and Imani Atkinson added 13 points for the Lady Bengals….

  • hake lister said,

    Andy you should make a chart of the top 5 public basketball players in our area so far id like to see some opionons only public schools though here is mine
    1)Terrell Leach
    2)Sam Hunt
    3)Muhammed Tijani
    4)Cody Hylton
    5)Ty Graves/TJ Logan could slip up here

  • tough call said,

    Why would you just list the top 5 public players ? If you do it,then list your top 10 public/private and boys/girls. It is all just an opinion anyway. The problem is that most readers have not seen most of these kids play even 1 game. From the list above, I have only seen Sam Hunt, Ty Graves and TJ Logan play. I know Terrell Leach is a great scorer but I have never seen him nor Cody Hylton play. It would be best if the list came from someone like Andy in Febuary since we would have seen everyone by time.

  • And... said,

    Austin Lewis

  • Game Coverage said,

    What games are you covering this week – Andy ?

  • Andy Durham said,

    We will be at Southeast on Tuesday for Dudley vs. SEG and then over at Dudley on Friday for Western Guilford at Dudley….Big girls games this week and we will also have updates on Wesleyan vs. High Point Christian courtesy of Carson Cashwell on Tuesday night…

  • Stella said,

    Should productivity be considered when naming top girls and boys players?

  • Phoenix said,

    Tough Call

    Why don’t you get in your car and go see them and that will remove all doubt.

  • Andy Durham said,

    I would think produtivity would be high on the list of criteria….

  • I have said,

    Top ten players period in no order are Pinson, Giles, Baldwin, Leach, Graves, R Dillard, S Hunt, A Lewis, J Kent, Powell/Hylton toss up