Media Summary on Dudley-WG girls from tonight

Posted by Andy Durham on January 11, 2013 at 11:53 pm under High School | 2 Comments to Read

Dudley 68
Western Guilford 51

Dudley scoring:
Moriah Davis 25 points
Essence Abraham 10 points
Kennedy Currie 10 points
Makala Rouse 10 points
Akela Maize 9 points
Kiara Harrison 2 points
Tamaya Carter 2 points

Western Guilford:
Karima Dean 15 points
Ivana Davis 13 points
Letricia Smith 9 points
Selana Lozada 9 points
Deja Everett 4 points

  • MIM said,

    I’ll be 1st to admit I didn’t think this one would as close as it was (2 point margin going into the 4th).

    Western girls really stepped it up a level.

    My opinion:

    I think the refs blew the Davis-on-Davis technical foul. Davis (Dudely) stiff-armed her defender on the layup and when the ref didn’t call it, Davis (Western) gave her a little shove (they are sisters) and got the T.
    Davis (Dudely) made all 4 free throws and that started the momentum swing.

    A few minutes later, Dudely’s big (Maize?) got frustrated and slammed the ball hard with both hands and yelled something after a foul call right in front of the ref and the ref just picked up the ball. A little home court advantage.

    I have the video if anyone says I’m wrong and wants to share their own opinion. Probably some calls that went Western’s way that shouldn’t have.

    But questionable calls are part of every game. Dudley earned the victory. Hopefully it will be another good game when they play at Western.

    Hey Western parents and students…. How about showing up more to support the home team?!? A little Hornet pride would go a long way to your teams playing hard.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Great run by the Western Guilford girls to get back in the game last night…Western has some talent and they showed it last night and as I was telling someone at the game, Western played a good game, Dudley just played a bit better and that 4th Quarter run by the Panthers didn’t hurt either…..The Davis FT’s for Dudley were big…Nailing four and then getting the ball back due to the Tech was big…

    Dudley at Page next Friday night is looking very BIG right now…