Top Five Players Ever for Dudley High School(Dudley Panthers Basketball)

Posted by Andy Durham on January 13, 2013 at 3:54 pm under High School | 16 Comments to Read

One of our readers hit us this idea last week and we decided to get it rolling this week and to include all of the local Guilford County high schools…

Top Five Basketball Players for Dudley High School all-time boys and girls…And you can include current players if you like and we will do all of the Guilford County Schools…

Dudley Girls Top Five All-Time?????
Pamela Doggett, Helen Terry, Breonna Patterson, Sierra Little, Mekia Valentine and give us your TOP Five…Just giving you some names to get you going….

Dudley boys Top Five All-Time?????
Maybe Haywood, Whitt, Graves, Hairston, Braxton Williams or the five you want to leave, just leaving some names to get you started…

  • SDub said,

    Prince Bowden,Kevin Swinton, Vincent Whitt, Brenden Haywood, Mintreal Abney

  • Sally said,

    1. Candace Saunders
    2. Helen Terry
    3. Makia Valentine
    4. Sierra Little
    5. Breonna Patterson

    1. William Graves
    2. Vincent Whitt
    3. PJ Hairston
    4. Kevin Swinton
    5. Prince Bowden

  • Soup said,

    @ Sally
    4 of the 5 boys players you listed were thrown out of college and had to go to another college. Also, you failed to mention Brendan Haywood who is one of the most famous Dudley athletes and a great role model & citizen.

  • Carlos said,


    I thought the article was about best at Dudley. It has nothing to do with what they did afterwards.Who are your 5 for both boys and girls? Here are mines:

    1.Vincent Whitt
    2.William Graves
    3.PJ Hairston
    4.Brendan Haywood
    5.Kevin Swinton

    1.Makia Valentine
    2.Sierra Little
    3.Helen Terry
    4.Breonna Patterson
    5.Kendra Porter

  • Dale Fulton said,

    If he had not gotten the short end of the stick and been treated unfairly, Prince Bowden would have been in the top “3”. He, Haywood, and Williams we the three best who actually lived in the district—and Haywood has gotten the longest run.

  • appy said,

    I don’t know enough of the girls, but shocked Eric Hicks didn’t make anyones list. He was one of the most athletic kids ever came through Guilford County.

    1 – Vincent Whitt
    2 – Eric Hicks
    3 – Kevin Swinton
    4 – Brendan Haywood
    5 – Prince Bowden

    Left PJ off because he didn’t finish there.

  • Ron said,

    Freddie Barnes
    Brian Seagraves
    Dorian Wilson
    Vincent Whitt
    Brendan Haywood

    Freddie Barnes was definetly the best point guard to come through Dudley maybe Guilford County. If you don’t know him, look him up.

  • DHS said,

    Dale, I mean Stan,
    Did you coach Prince in AAU? He ended up transferring to another school for some reason didn’t he?

  • appy said,

    I totally forgot about Freddie Barnes. WOuld definitely put him ahead of Prince.


    “Sweet” Lou Hudson
    Fred “Curly” Neal
    Freddy Barnes
    Brendan Haywood
    William Graves

  • NC Baller said,

    Girls : Boys:
    1. Helen Terry 1. Eric Hicks
    2. Breonna Patterson 2. Brendan Haywood
    3. Janelle Terry 3. Vincent Whitt
    4. Latoya Anderson 4. Prince Bowden
    5. Desiree Drayton/Camille Akins 5. Barry Ferrell/ Dejuan Morrison

  • Dudley Brass said,


    1. Makia Valentine
    2. Sierra Little
    3. Helen Terry
    4. Candance Saunders
    5. Breonna Patterson

    No present player that is playing now is remotely close.

  • new said,

    elsworth smith

  • REX said,

    1. Eric Hicks
    2. Vincent Whitt
    3. William Graves
    4. Freddie Barnes
    5. Kevin Swinton

  • THOR said,

    DUDLEY 90-91 Starting 5 was the Best 5 to come out of Dudley – The team that changed Dudley Basketball to the next level. It ALL STARTED WITH THEM.

    1 Brian “Smoove” Seagraves
    2 Glen Hayes
    3 Derek Edwards
    4 Damon Newman
    5 Dell” Big Dog” Seagraves

  • KD said,

    I wouldn’t have ever thought to put Prince Bowden in the top 5 seen him play a couple times guess he had to let other people get theirs but I have heard if he had the chance to play that would have been his team. I know when he transfered he was putting up 30 plus games on the regular.