Top Five Players Ever for Grimsley High School(Grimsley Whirlies Basketball)

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Who are your ‘Top Five Players’ Ever for Grimsley High School?????

We started up with this idea yesterday and plan to keep it rolling this week and to include all of the local Guilford County high schools…

Top Five Basketball Players for Grimsley High School all-time boys and girls…And you can include current players if you like and we will do all of the Guilford County Schools over the next couple of weeks…

Grimsley Girls Top Five All-Time?????
Angie Polk, Trumae Lucas, Nicole Hargraves, Amber Cook, Felicia Tate, and that is just a few and now you give us your TOP Five…Just giving you a few names to get you going….

Grimsley boys Top Five All-Time?????
Cameron Bennerman, Walker Holt, Cedric Cokley, Phil Weaver, Ethan Albright, or your five you want to leave, just leaving some names to get you started…..

  • ron said,

    George Caesar

  • Andy Durham said,

    Somebody ele E-mailed in Larry/Mike Dempsey and one or two of the Elkins family…Was Jack Elkins a big basketball star at Grimsley???

    Another girl’s name that was E-mailed in was Kristin Fields…..

    Joey Cooper from Grimsley made it to Carolina and so did David Dupont and there was Keith Manley from recent years…

    Probably some names we are leaving out here….

  • 84 Whirlie said,

    Eric Summers – class of 78 – played at TCU and lead the Whirlies against Buck Williams in the 1978 state championship which they lost.
    Anne-Marie Treadway – class of 83 – played at NC State for Kay Yow
    Mike, Rod and Hugh Elkins all played basketball and were solid players – not sure about the older brothers – Danny and I think there was one more.

  • appy said,

    Cedric Cokely?

    And what about Bill Chambers? He would be a top 5 wouldn’t he?

  • Mary said,

    1.Trumae Lucas
    2.Kristin Fields
    3.Amber Cook
    4.Nicole Hargraves
    5.Jasmine Alston


    1. Cameron Bennerman
    2. Kenard Moore
    3. Keith Manley Jr.
    4. Shamar Bowden
    5. Rod Elkins

  • Andy Durham said,

    Anne-Marie Treadway is a real good one from the past….

    Haven’t seen or heard of her name in years….

    Would it come down to her or Angie Polk as the all-time best at Grimsley or does Trumae Lucas get a vote in here too…

    Robert Caffin was a quiet person but a deadly shooter for Grimsley and although I do not believe he ever played any hoops in college, Ron Harris was a real good basketball player…Kid could light it up in a hurry…

    Another girls player from the past who could put the points on the board real quick was and how about that Stacey Weaver???

  • Eddie Willis said,

    LOL–Joey Cooper and David Dupont??? how about Genaro law horn?

    Bennerman, great choice even though he finished @ Hargrave ( re: the PJ Hairston logic)

    Walker Holt

    Shamar Bow en? No “D”—not

    There is a long history there at GHS guys—let me know if you want some help!

  • Andy Durham said,

    Genaro Lawhorne was one of the top post players to suit up for Grimsley while he was there and I remember the night he won the ‘Steak n Shake’ player of the game award and Joey Cooper along with brother his Adam helped Grimsley win the Metro Tourney vs. NWG at SEG back in 1999 and Joey as a freshman nailed the free throws that locked up the Title on that championship Friday night….Never underestimate the power of men like Tim Leung and those Whirlies….

  • KG said,

    Trumae Lucas easily on the list

    For guys Shamar Bowden, Cameron Bennerman, Keith Manley, and Jaquan Beloved.