High School Basketball Tonight:SEG hands Page first loss of the season in Girls action at SEG

Posted by Andy Durham on January 22, 2013 at 6:15 pm under High School | 8 Comments to Read


Southeast Guilford 55
Page 51

Kenya Hailey with 17 for SEG, plus Hardnett with 11 and Phifer with 10 for Falcons…10 points each for Kea, Kargo and Johnson for Page….Page now (13-1) and SEG stands at (14-2) Page with one Metro 4-A Conference loss and SEG with 2….

53-51 SEG over Page with 4.2 secs. to play…SEG ball…

51-49 SEG now in front with 34 secs. to play…

49-48 Page…1:01 to play

1:36 to play…
Page 49
SEG 47

2:07 remains:
Page 49
SEG 44

3:30 4th Q:
Page 47
SEG 41

5:44 left in the ball game:
Page 43
SEG 33

End of 3rd Quarter:
Page 37
SEG 31

2:09 left in the 3rd Q:
Page 34
SEG 27

4:36 left in the 3rd Quarter:
Page 32
SEG 23

Second Half under way…

Page 28
SEG 22

2:03 left in the 1st Half:
Page 22
SEG 17

3:14 left in 1st Half:
Page 22
SEG 16

4:15 left in the 1st Half:
Page 22
SEG 14

End of 1st Quarter:
Page 18

1:36 1st Q:
1st Q:
Page 16

  • KG said,

    Its all good lady pirates, you let this game get away from you but its more games left. Now they can focus on the playoffs and the rest of the games this season instead of focusing on going undefeated.

  • The Observer said,

    So Page isn’t “invincible” afterall……going back to studying…..

  • Falcon101 said,

    The Lady Falcons missed several easy shots under the basket and had a rough night at the foul line and still pulled off the win. The SEG bench was major factor in the game. Page did a good job defending our outside shot and they hit some big 3’s. The Metro conference has got to be one the best in the state. You have to be on your game when playing in conference games. If not, you can be beat. Still alot of basketball left to play, it’s going to be fun.

  • hoopsfan said,

    Second time this week, Goliath goes down !

  • Teddy said,


    Lets be very clear here. Its not that its a tough conference: It is a lot of bad basketball this year in the Triad. Many times mediocrity is the best of the worst and the worst of the best. Good basketball is at New Hope academy. Keep it real.

  • Falcon1 said,


    Don’t even get me started on private schools. They are not involved in this conversation. You say “good”, what standard are you comparing them too? Please keep public and private separated. Lets wait and see how far the Metro teams go in the states. We can then surely know how strong the Metro is in public 4a. From what I have seen the top Metro teams have faired very well out of conference.

  • Terry said,

    I agree with Teddy

  • @Teddy said,

    You cannot compare New Hope to any traditional public or private school. New Hope is a boarding school which is another animal within itself. Do not discredit our local kids by comparing them to New Hope. New Hope has kids from all over. Who can’t build a team if you can get kids from anywhere in the world and house them? Not a fair assessment “Teddy”. Also, not taking nothing away from New Hope but to get the best scholarships and go to the best schools, you don’t have to be the best player. You have to be a great student-athlete and a decent person. There are unfortunately guys on the street and in prison that could form a team and beat a NBA team. So why are they not in the NBA? Because the best “players” don’t always make it for various reasons. So, the point is there are kids in the public schools and traditional private schools that will make it alot farther than some of the kids at NewHope..for various reason. So promote New Hope on other boarding school chats IF you are going to bad mouth our local schools and teams. How many kids from the area attend New Hope anyway?