Top Five Players Ever for Northwest Guilford High School(Northwest Guilford Vikings Basketball)

Posted by Andy Durham on January 22, 2013 at 2:09 pm under High School | 12 Comments to Read

Now rolling again, our TOP FIVES…….

Top Five Players Ever for Northwest Guilford High School(Northwest Guilford Vikings Basketball)

Who are your ‘Top Five Players’ Ever for Northwest Guilford High School?????

We started up with this idea last week and our plan is to keep it rolling this week and to try and include all of the local Guilford County high schools…

Top Five Basketball Players for Northwest Guilford High School all-time boys and girls…And you can include current players if you like and we will do all of the Guilford County Schools over the next two weeks…NWG boys were 3-A State Champs back around 1966…

Northwest Guilford Girls Top Five All-Time?????
Darlene Joyner, LaSandra Siddle, Meredith Thompson, Katie Larue, and was there a Rene Coltrane????? Plus what about Gretchen Bennett, Hannah McIntosh, Natalie Harper, Alyssa Munson and more for you…And that is just a few and now you can give us your TOP Five…Some names to get you going….You probably have a few other names you want to get in here, so bring all of them on…..Who else should be on this list of Top Five Vikings???

Northwest Guilford boys Top Five All-Time?????
Rusty Larue, John Dixon, Ronnie Shelton, Jamie Hemmingway, Lee Reavis or your five you want to leave….Jason Ferguson, Matt Bohlander, Matt Pawlowski, who was it or who is it…Do you include Cody Hylton or other currents?????

just leaving some names to get you started…..Maybe you have a few more to go along with these…..There were a lot of guys that came through there and some stayed, while others moved on…

  • nwg said,

    1. Asha Hardaway
    2. Anna Schomblom
    3. Gretchen Bennett
    4. Melissa Foures
    5. Hannah Mcintosh

  • NE Alumni said,

    Females (Katie LaRue, Whitney Turner, Amber Tener, Jerri/Terri Morehead, Landis Strader) All played in the late 1990s very solid competition.

    Males (Rusty LaRue, Jamie Hemingway, John Vernon

  • Flipper said,

    It’s a no brainer, you got to include Hylton. In 3 varsity seasons he has scored more than 1,000 points. Last year he was “all” everything. He is the “Bearded Wonder”!

  • NW GRAD said,

    Terry Young
    Joey Blackburn

  • Justin said,

    Steven Thompson got to be on top 5 all time could flat out score

  • Andy Durham said,

    How about Steven Thompson related to Meredith Thompson???

  • joe said,

    Coty Hylton deserves to be on the list… does Keeton Hackk class of 2012…..he was as physical as anyone who played at NW and highly unerrated…..always had a dozen rebounds and points when u looked at the boxscore…..Matt Pawlowski also deserves to be there….sneaky good and what a leader….

  • NW GRAD said,

    This is top 5 ever not the last two or three years!

  • Doug said,

    Please stick with what was asked. Name the top five and stop just adding a name or two.

  • Old Timer BB said,

    Top NWHS Players by Position (Only included players from the best teams);
    F – Tony Searcy – APP State hall of fame. Drafted in the NBA and played in Europe many years.
    F – Lee Reavis – 1988 Regional runner-up
    G – Rusty Larue – Wake, NBA and overseas
    G – Brad Apple – GSO College
    PG – Shannon Tuttle – 1984 advanced to little 4 final

  • NW FAN said,

    Melissa Foures
    Gretchen Bennett
    Hannah McIntosh
    Natalie Harper
    Alyssa Munson

    These girls all played together and made a heck of a line up!

  • RTP said,

    Do Baseball and Football for each of the county teams