Graham Sporting Goods High School Basketball Tonight:Dudley takes two from Smith and SEG does the same thing vs. Grimsley

Posted by Andy Durham on January 24, 2013 at 11:03 pm under High School | 5 Comments to Read

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Girls Finals:
Dudley 54
Smith 33

Dudley girls (11-6/5-0)….Mo Davis with three threes for Dudley and Akela Maize touched the rim while going up for a shot tonight….Had the makings of a Dunk/Slam/Flush and you don’t see that in a girls high school game that often and she got the rim….
Quarter breakdown….Dudley 11-9 1st Q…Dudley 21-15 at Halftime…Dudley 38-23 End of 3rd Q….Final Dudley 54-33….
Dudley scoring:Moriah Davis 18 points…Kennedy Currie 12 points…Essence Abraham 10 points…Makala Rouse 5 points…Victoria Harrison and Tamaya Carter 4 each…India Graham 1 point…
Smith scoring:Akera McPhaul 12 points…Mailia Williamson 11 points…Breana Garris 6 points…Dajah Williamson 2 points….Point totals from and Dennis White…Smith now (7-12/2-5)…

Southeast Guilford 68
Grimsley 35

Kenya Hailey with 19 and Kara Shutt with 14 for SEG Falcons tonight….SEG now (16-2)…

Wesleyan 41
Northside Christian 33

Boys Finals:
Dudley 56
Smith 44

Scoring by Quarters…Dudley 17-19 end of 1st Q…Dudley 29-18 at Halftime…Dudley 39-35 at the end of the 3rd Q…Final:Dudley 56, Smith 44…
Dudley scoring:Sam Hunt with 19 points…Khalil Vance 14 points…Devan Gregory 8 points…Emmanuel Mosley and Isaac Brunson with 4 points each…Jamar Weathers with 3 points…BJ Pittman with 2 points…
Smith scoring: JT Williams 18 points…Anthony Rogers 8 points…Allen Little Stimpson with 7 points…Devonte Phillips with 6 points…Chris Woods and Kaleb Holt with 2 points each…Cam Woods with 1 point…
Point Totals courtesy of Dennis White…

Southeast Guilford 70
Grimsley 61

Bishop McGuinness 65
Vandalia Christian 49

*****Wesleyan Christian Academy over over a tough Northside Christian squad…Don’t have the final score, but WES got the win….*****

  • Bishop vs. Vandalia said,

    Bishop over Vandalia 65-49.

  • bballer13 said,

    The Whirlies were up by 11 and they lost by 9. What is going on with this team? I know they have the talent to be competitive and I can’t beleive they have only won 4 games. Can any body give me any insight on what’s going on with the Whirlies?

  • Gfan said,

    I think SEG was a more hungry and motivated than my Whirlies. The SEG full court press caused many turnovers. We could not hit a foul shot, we took some bad shots, and SEG just generally out hussled and outplayed us.

    Grimsley does have the atheletes. #24 must have a three foot verticle. Not sure how many blocked shots he had last night.

    Bottom line SEG played very well last night. Congratulations on a hard fought victory. Whirlies, it is time to pick yourselves up and go back to work.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Anybody got the WES score??? Did not see it in the N&R or at HPE…

  • Antispin said,

    One name here is the hint. LN