Phoenix Gater Tryouts coming to the Spears YMCA

Posted by Press Release on February 4, 2013 at 5:36 pm under Amateur | 2 Comments to Read

The Boy’s Phoenix Gater Tryouts will be held at the Spears YMCA on the following dates:

Tryout Dates

6th Grade

February 11,2013 6:30 PM Spears YMCA

February 16,2013 4:00 PM Spears YMCA

February 18,2013 6:30 PM Spears YMCA

7th Grade

February 16,2013 5:00PM Spears YMCA

February 18,2013 7:30PM Spears YMCA

February 21,2013 7:00PM Spears YMCA

8th Grade

February 16,2013 6:00PM Spears YMCA

February 18,2013 8:30PM Spears YMCA

February 21,2013 8:00PM Spears YMCA

For more information, please contact Greg Williams at 336 430 9689.

  • What Happened ? said,

    I thought Phoenix and Gater’s were competition to each other. Did these groups merge together?

  • Yup said,

    Yup they had to. Losing to many kids to cp3 and team Felton. Along with court generals, warriors etc