Bengals lose a game, but Greensboro Day School still #9 in the Nation in Top Academies Poll, one spot ahead of Oak Hill

Posted by Andy Durham on February 5, 2013 at 1:20 pm under High School | 4 Comments to Read


9. (9) Greensboro Day (N.C.), 31-1
The Bengals were dropped at home by Christ School (Arden) on Friday night but are still the team to beat in the NCISAA for now.

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  • Respect the Schedule said,

    This simply shows that people respect you when you actually play someone worth playing. If GDS had lost to a NW or Grimsley, then nobody would give them any respect. GDS better win it all this year because next year they will be garage. A lot of teams will get a lot of payback on GDS next year.

  • Andy Durham said,

    GDS will still have Moore, Rouse and Mayo and the up-and-coming Will Gardner and Trey Weston too and don’t forget little Will Dillard….

    You may have thought you had seen the ‘Real Deal’ when you saw Reggie, but you haven’t seen anything yet till Will gets his fill and starts to deal….

    Will will be one of the best to ever put on a GDS uniform before it is all said and done….

    And for the names that I mentioned above, that is far from garbage in my opinion, that is the makings of a very good team…

  • I Know said,

    The day school has a lot of new kids coming in next year. I even hear that some are leaving their present school to go to gds. They will be fine next year. Sorry haters. You are really going to be surprised.

  • Way to much faith said,

    The day school will reload. They will be just as good Next year. As for will dillard. He is a reclassed 7th grader. He’s 14 as of next month and will be 19 when he graduates. So he should be one of the best by then. But as of today. His jump shot needs work. Form is super unconventional. And he can dunk. There is 3 dunks in a college game on average. Reggie Dillard was better at that age then Will. He has a lot of tools. But needs to work. Saying a kid will be one of the best ever Is a stretch. Anything can happen between now and then. If he was smart, he should/would play football. Best of luck to will dillard though