New HS Hoops Polls are in/out and with just a week and a-half left in the Regular Season, just ONE UNBEATEN remains(SWG Boys)

Posted by Andy Durham on February 7, 2013 at 6:17 pm under High School | 2 Comments to Read

Boys Public School Poll:
1)Southwest Guilford(20-0)
2)Northeast Guilford(17-2)
5)Northwest Guilford(16-6)
7)High Point Central(10-11)
8)Northern Guilford(10-11)
10)Western Guilford(9-12)
*****Records according to the….*****

Boys Private School Poll:
2)Greensboro Day School(30-2)
3)High Point Christian(20-5)
4)New Hope Christian(17-6)
5)New Garden Friends School(12-11)
6)Vandalia Christian(17-9)
7)Calvary Baptist(13-10)
8)Bishop McGuinness(10-8)
9)Westchester Country Day(10-8)
10)Caldwell Academy(6-15)

Girls Public School Poll:
2)TIE:Northern Guilford(20-1)/Dudley(15-6)
4)High Point Andrews(19-1)
5)Southeast Guilford(18-4)
6)Southwest Guilford(15-5)
7)Eastern Guilford(14-6)
8)Northwest Guilford(10-11)
10)Southern Guilford(9-11)

Girls Private School Poll:
1)New Hope Christian(24-1)
2)Greensboro Day School(25-4)
3)New Garden Friends School(29-4)
4)Bishop McGuinness(12-7)
5)Calvary Baptist(16-4)
6)Vandalia Christian(13-8)
7)Caldwell Academy(16-10)
9)Westchester Country Day(3-14)
10)High Point Christian Academy(1-10)

Boys Combined Poll:
1)Southwest Guilford(20-0)
5)Northeast Guilford(17-2)
8)Northwest Guilford(16-6)
9)New Hope Christian(17-6)

  • Dale Fulton said,

    Wow, that’s quite a turnaround for the Caldwell girls from when the Bengals played them early in the year. You could tell that they were young, lacked a lot of basketball skills, and were over-matched; but I do remember from the game that the coaches talked to everyone who left the game and appeared to be explaining what they had done wrong—maybe that worked! The thing I remember most from that game was sitting behind some of their fans who were teachers or maybe even parents (I think) and listening to how negative they were about the coaching staff. Well, enough said with that record! How did they do in their conference?

  • Eagle Dad said,


    I’m pretty sure they were undefeated in the conference. You are right, young team. And they have done it all without Peyton Kadlecek, argueably their best player, who is a freshman and out due to knee surgery. And Senior Suzanne Ricard chose to play league volleyball and didn’t play at all. She would have been the team’s best player and provided some senior leadership.

    So, all in all, I’d say a great year. But I’m discouraged to hear your report of conduct of parents/teachers from the GDS game. Whether you’re 1-20 or 20-1, there is no place for that.