Looking back at last night’s Duke-N.C. State game in Durham:No Thacker and Packer in sight!

Posted by Andy Durham on February 8, 2013 at 9:49 am under College | 5 Comments to Read

Got to give it up to Duke for the Devils’ win over N.C. State last night in Cameron.

No sign of Jim Thacker and Billy Packer, but plenty of Mason Plumlee and Seth Curry and more really, more than enough of Plumlee and Curry for any State fan’s liking…

I’m not sure if the combined squads of N.C. State and the North Carolina Tar Heels could have beaten Duke in Cameron last night…You go with Tyler Lewis, Richard Howell, James McAdoo, Reggie Bullock and C.J. Leslie and I’m not certain even that five could have held off the Devils last evening….

Duke was playing ‘Lights Out Basketball’, as Dave Glenn likes to say and with Curry lighting it up from outside and Plumlee playing like a man possessed on the inside, how could anybody other than Thacker and Packer, have been able to stop DUKE last night….

Very solid games by Tyler Lewis at the point and by Richard Howell at/in the post for N.C. State and you have to say Howell at the post, more that just Howell in the post, because of the way that Howell was coming out and shooting from the elbow, from both the left and right sides of the lane, last night….

Duke with the win at home and when you can’t get Thacker and Packer, you can’t expect to win at Duke, or in Cameron for that matter….Would it have mattered if they(Thacker and Packer) would have showed up last night? With the way Duke was shooting, it still may have been a long night in Durham and that is coming from a man that knows Durham real good….

  • oppenheimerfund said,

    What was the deal with Duke Chanting “How is your grandmom”? Why is no one talking about Duke fans sheering this at a young man’s grandmother whom died recently. What the hell is going on with Duke? Why was that not called out? Why did K not say something?

  • Andy Durham said,

    In regards to Tyler Lewis grandmother we would assume…Sure didn’t effect his game, he was the best player on the court for N.C. State most of the night…Richard Howell with a solid effort/outing too…

    Purvis and Warren weren’t all that impressive for State and who’s coaching the free throw shooters?

    On the part of the Duke students that would have to rank as one of the all-time lows for them….

    Too much money in their pockets or on their charge cards and they were again acting like a bunch of brats, the brats that they are and are far away from ever doing an honest days work….

    Too much time on their hands and too much trash in their mouths….

    For Plumlee, Curry, Cook, Sulaimon, Jefferson and company, strong game all the way on their part…They were the best, but those Duke students need to give it a rest….

    Tyler Lewis beat those Duke students last night, they didn’t get to him….

  • Mike E. said,

    From an article in the Raleigh News and Observer quoting Tyler’s Dad, it appears that it was a few “idiots” instead of the entire Duke Cheering section

    The quote from the NewsObserver: “It was mostly ‘Past your bedtime,’ but there was an instant when a brief number of students chanted about Tyler’s grandmother,” Rick Lewis said Friday. “It wasn’t the entire student section, I think a few tried to outdo themselves.” “It’s time to move one, in my opinion,” Lewis said. “No need to make it more than a few immature comments by a few select fans.”

  • Wow Andy said,

    We’re you watching the same game I was? TJ Warren played great but got into foul trouble. I bet if he went to Northern you would think he’s the greatest thing that ever walked the earth

  • Andy Durham said,

    That was the first time that I had seen Warren play and I must have been expecting more…

    Have heard much talk about Warren and Purvis and those guys plus even Leslie could have done more…

    What gets me are the missed free throws and they seem to come at times when the team is about ready to make a key run….

    Hope to see them again on Sunday vs. Clemson and sure hope that they can win that one…