High School Basketball Saturday Morning rewind:Just a great game last night with Page-Southern Alamance girls[Instant Classic]

Posted by Andy Durham on February 9, 2013 at 10:57 am under High School | Read the First Comment

It was just a great game last night at the Mac Morris Gym on the Page High School campus…Page versus Southern Alamance in girls high school basketball and that third quarter alone was worth whatever you had to pay to get in….

You almost have to be living on fumes coming out of that game, if you are on either team, or a fan/follower of either team….

You almost don’t want to look back at the number totals, you just want to re-live it by memory and for anyone that has ever seen a basketball game and knows the sport well, they know they saw a ‘Classic’ last night….

The third quarter just by itself will be one of the best you’ll ever see…49-48 Page after three periods and I’m doing all of this by memory, cause this is one where you don’t want to look back at the numbers, you just want to keep on re-living the game…

Thinks we were looking at 62-62 all at the end of regulation and the Final goes 77-68 Page and in the OT, Page out-scores Southern Alamance, 16-9….What was the halftime score, 24-24???

If so, it just tells you how they really picked up the pace in the second half….

Shaylen Burnett would hit a three for Southern Alamance and then Kayla Johnson would come right back and hit a three for Page….

Paris Kea would find Bailey Kargo breaking up court for a right-side layup, almost like a right-side smoothie and then Paris would hit Vivian Polite, Chelsey Coleman or Debrisha Barnes inside for a two point basket…Paris must have had right at 10 assists in the game last night…She may have had 12….

Southern Alamance with Shay Burnett going 10-10 at the foul line, Hollie Boggs making 4-4 and then Darienne Sykes adding at least three more free throws, that must have made SA at least 17-18 at the foul line….

Man what a game…..

Page had a 5-0 run to close the game and to send it into Overtime….It was 62-57 Southern Alamance with less than 2 minutes to go in the game….Page makes the run shooting two’s, instead of three’s and that is why they take the game to OT and then win it from there…..

Burnett fouls out fairly early in the OT session and Southern Alamance is not the same team without Burnett….Boggs, Kelly, Sykes, Allen and McGough can run it, but it’s just not the same….

Southern Alamance had the ball with less than 10 seconds to go in regulation and they had a chance to get off the game-winning shot with the game tied up at 62-62, but Paris Kea put the ‘D’ on Burnett and Shay could not make the play and Kea with strong body ‘D’, rode Burnett up the SA sideline and forced the Patriots to give the ball up at the SA baseline with 5.8 seconds left in the game….

There were plays like that one by Kea forcing the Patriots and ball out-of-bounds at the baseline and those plays were coming from both teams ‘All Night Long’…..

One of the best games you will ever see and a credit to both teams and to their coaches…..

We saw a “Classic” last night and maybe we will see another from those Metro 4-A girls teams at the Tournament in just two weeks from last night……

A “Classic” at the MAC last night…..

*****Probably left something out and if we/I did, add it in and keep the good memories/vibrations coming.*****

  • Tracy Burnett said,

    You’re absolutely correct Andy in labeling that game a classic….the ladies on both teams (SA/Page) have “no quit in them”. This game will be one of my all-time favorites in my video collection.