The North Carolina Football Team will hold practice at Grimsley High School on April 5th

Posted by Andy Durham on February 11, 2013 at 2:53 pm under College, High School | 3 Comments to Read

The Tar Heels start Spring Practice on March 6 and end the Spring workouts with their 2013 Spring Game at Kenan Stadium on April 13th….

On April 5, the Tar Heels will bring their football team to town(Greensboro) and they will pracitce inside the Jamieson Stadium, at Grimsley High School….

The Tar Heels are coming town for football practice at Grimsley High School and you can read more about this big event when you CLICK HERE for…..

*****They will be a lot of excitement centered around this BIG event and this should be open for public viewing…..*****

+++++More details are due out soon and the Tar Heels are due in town on April 5, for Football Practice, at Grimsley High School……+++++

#####The Tar Heels have taken their team out of Chapel Hill in previous years, going to Charlotte and other stops during Spring Workouts, but this appears to be their first-ever visit to Greensboro, in the Spring….#####

  • oppenheimerfund said,

    Speakng of football….Andy have you heard anything about where James Scales is going to school? He was kicked off the Oregon team.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Haven’t heard where James is headed, but did hear that Rickey Dowdy(High Point Central) from N.C. State is going to an NAIA school in Tennessee…..

  • Ad4deacs said,

    Congrats to Grimsley athletic staff for getting this game. Nice replacement for the All Star game.