Last Week of Regular Season High School Polls are in and still just one UNBEATEN:SWG boys(23-0)

Posted by Andy Durham on February 14, 2013 at 8:34 pm under High School | 13 Comments to Read

New HS Hoops Polls are in/out for the last week of the Regular Season, just ONE UNBEATEN TEAM remains:SWG Boys at (23-0)…..

Boys Public School Poll:
1)Southwest Guilford(23-0)
2)Northeast Guilford(19-2)
5)Northwest Guilford(17-7)
7)Northern Guilford(12-11)
9)Eastern Guilford(11-12)
10)Southern Guilford(10-12)
*****Records according to the….*****

Boys Private School Poll:
2)High Point Christian(23-6)
3)Greensboro Day School(31-3)
4)New Hope Christian(19-7)
5)New Garden Friends School(13-11)
6)Vandalia Christian(20-9)
7)Bishop McGuinness(12-9)
8)Westchester Country Day(12-8)
9)Calvary Baptist(13-12)
10)Caldwell Academy(7-15)

Girls Public School Poll:
2)Northern Guilford(22-1)
3)High Point Andrews(21-1)
4)TIE:Dudley(15-7)/Southeast Guilford(19-4)
6)Southwest Guilford(18-6)
7)Eastern Guilford(15-8)
8)Northwest Guilford(12-11)
9)Southern Guilford(12-12)

Girls Private School Poll:
1)New Hope Christian(25-1)
2)Greensboro Day School(28-4)
3)TIE:New Garden Friends School(30-4)/Bishop McGuinness(15-7)
5)Calvary Baptist(17-5)
6)Vandalia Christian(15-8)
7)Caldwell Academy(17-10)
9)Westchester Country Day(3-16)
10)High Point Christian Academy(1-10)

Boys Combined Poll:
1)Southwest Guilford(23-0)
5)Northeast Guilford(19-2)
8)New Hope Christian(19-7)
9)Northwest Guilford(17-7)

  • al said,

    Could someone please explain why Southwest is ahead of WES, HPC and GBD ? Do strength of schedule factors in ?

  • Andy Durham said,

    The SOS does count to some degree, but this late in the season you have to give it up to the Unbeaten team….

    If SWG lost a game they would feel the fall, but until then you have to remember that there are very few Unbeaten teams left in the entire state, at any level, at this stage of the season….

    Right now it is their time….

  • to al said,

    if you want to take SOS into consideration, take a look at the cupcakes that are on those private school teams schedules. Don’t get me wrong, they play their fair share of very tough competition, but half of those games are playing with 19-20 year olds against 15 year olds from other private schools around the state that don’t recruit like these local private schools do. That doesn’t impress me. It’s not a public school’s fault that their conference isn’t strong in any particular season. 23-0 is impressive for a public school in this day and age when all the private schools are trying to steal away the top talent from any and every school they can.


    Why is our Northern Guilford girls in second place behind Page? We are 22-1 and undefeated in conference play.

  • al said,

    I understand that an undefeated team at this stage of the season is impressive and I give southwest and Terrel all the props , but due to the difference in rules of play they should not be compared in any poll … let public school and private school stay separate then to determine the best of combine schools let them settle it on the court # 1 public Vs # 1 private . winner takes the spoils !!

  • TYRONE said,

    Isn’t Players and conference players of the year being selected this Saturday? As well as Coaches?

    Who should be Area Player of the year and Coach of the year for both Girls and Boys?

  • Andy Durham said,

    On Page being the #1 Girls team in the Public School Poll, I can sum it in two words for you and I am not trying to be a ‘smart alec’ or jackass, but it would be ‘TIMCO Tournament’…

    Page won it and NG did not have the success there that were looking for….

    Both teams have had equal success during the regular season, NG has just played a couple of more games….

    I will stick with ‘TIMCO Tournament’ theme for my overall evaluation, but the Metro 4-A is a very tough conference also and it is 4-A vs. 3-A, adding to a larger classification….

    Take nothing from the Lady Nighthawks, what they have done this season has been magical, and to do it with just nine players speaks volumes too…

    Great year for both teams and a breakdown on the poll for a Friday in February….

  • ballin said,

    Just wait and see, only about 4 games left to play. The better teams will end the season playing not writing in a blog.

  • C'mon said,

    Honestly, do you think page and Dudley are better than new hope? New hope has a tougher schedule than anybody on thy list and they’re record is better than page and Dudley’s. With northeast the record is better so we can by pass that but c’mon, do you honestly think they’re better?

  • Andy Durham said,

    It is a slower move for a new school…New Hope boys just moved past Northwest Guilford this week…It doesn’t come over night…It will take some time….The New Hope girls are a proven squad, and now the boys are making their climb…

  • hoops said,

    Why keep attacking Andy about the polls. I have seen all the teams play. I would list 1.Page 2. Andrews 3. Northern because Page and Andrews are too athletic for Northern and apply to much man pressure for Northern. Northern has one ball handler and a half. #10 and Coffer, Page and Andrews have 4-5 ball handlers and the best group of guards in the area.

  • hoops said,

    Also Page and Andrews have better bench players than Northern. Page and Andrews have girls on their bench that would start at 98% of the high schools in the area. Andy is right, Northern lost to Smith which is in the bottom half of the metro 4A. Smith is very tough and athletic which gives Northern problems. Page is No.1 their is no discussion. Let talk about all-area top 10 players

  • whatyousay said,

    Thanks….I just glad some folks appreciate and understand the game of basketball……Northern would be the 5 or 6 best team in the Metro……..If Northern ever wants to be ranked higher, please please play some of the better teams in the area…..I really think that it’s strange how they have loss in the first round of the TIMCO/Little 4 every year…I would just like to see them play somebody from the city schools….until the TIMCO has a 16 team tournament, we will never see Northern Girls play a Page, Dudley, Andrews, SW Guilford, SE Guilford, Reidsville…as long as their Coach wants to protect her coaching record, it won’t happen…..their SOS should make them the 6 or 7 best team in the area…..they can’t beat Page, Andrews, Dudley,Southeast or SW…..they only played and struggled with #7 Eastern and # 8 NW and lost to #10 Ben L. Smith……don’t play the best shouldn’t be ranked amongst the best.