We need to hear from Beyonce’s people so her Peeps(P) can help Mr. P(Parrish) at NWG(Northwest Guilford HS)

Posted by Andy Durham on February 18, 2013 at 4:28 pm under High School | 2 Comments to Read

Just watch the video[CLICK HERE] is all that we are asking and thanks for checking this out and it can help Mr. Parrish, one of the best and well-liked teachers by his students and peers at Northwest Guilford High School….Mr. Parrish needs some help and the NWG students are working to help him and here’s more on what is going on with Beyonce….

[Need B to help Mr. P]

Mr. Parrish, a beloved teacher at NW was diagnosed with brain cancer a few days before Christmas. He is very popular in the NW community and is one of the nicest people one will ever meet. The student body is trying to get Beyoncé’s charity to help and cover some of the expenses. The students put together a video to try and make this possible: www.youtube.com/watch?v=_TPLzUfJTp0 Also on twitter they’re trying to get #B4P a national trend to raise awareness. Thanks for watching the video or tweeting #B4P to help Mr. Parrish…..

  • NW Viking said,

    Thanks Andy!!

  • Andy Durham said,

    Let’s see if we can’t get a positive movement started….

    From what we hear, Mr.P has always been very supportive of the students(athletes, non-athletes and more) at Northwest Guilford High School…

    I wish we could get Spencer on board with this movement, with his energy, I know this would work……

    And as Spencer would say, “Lets Go, Let’s Go, Let’s Go”…….