Interview with Southern Alamance girls basketball with Coach Miller, Hollie Boggs and Shaylen Burnett

Posted by Andy Durham on February 20, 2013 at 10:54 am under Audio, High School, Video | 12 Comments to Read

Talked with Coach Chris Miller and Southern Alamance players Hollie Boggs and Shaylen Burnett last night after the Patriots had defeated the Western Guilford girls in Round One of the Metro 4-A Conference Tournament…

We talked about the WG game and looked ahead to the Patriots’ semifinal matchup with the Dudley Panthers…

Click On below to see all of the video interview with Miller, Boggs, and Burnett….

  • just saying.... said,

    Classy winners acknowledge when their opponents played well.

  • hmmmm said,

    Wonder if you would feel the need to make that comment if your team had won and SA had lost? Just saying or is it just upset?

  • nope said,

    not a fan of either team, but a fan of classy sportsmanship

  • wow said,

    So a first year coach in his first after game interiew and two teenage girls being interviewed for the first time on a local venue have upset someone to this level? Amazing…

  • Tracy Burnett said,

    Your either a fan of W.Guilford or a “hater” of S.Alamance,one or the other,probably both. An impromptu interview by a new coach and two teenagers and you feel the need to critique on “class and sportsmanship?” If that’s all you can come up with I would have to say you are one pitiful individual……I don’t blame you for not attaching your real name on those pitiful comments…..I would be ashamed too!

  • relax said,

    It’s something that coaches and students are taught how to do at the college level. Why not develop it at the high school level so potential college coaches see a well rounded player?

    I was a little surprised the coach struggled so much. It’s not his first rodeo as a coach at any level.

    Watch McNeil from Dudely. He’s got it down.

    Judging by the box scores, Western was doing something right to keep it close. Does it hurt to admit they did well? If SA loses to Dudely in close one, will you refuse to acknowledge SA’s effort?

    Not a hater of any team and am not upset at anything. Calling what I see. If that ruffles your feathers, that’s on you.

  • Just Shut Up said,

    @Just saying… R U SLOW?? If you take time and actually listen to the interview rather than judge whose being interviewed, you would see that credit was given to WG/lozado girl and Dudley gjrls as a whole and specific individuals names were called from that team as great players. Andy did ask more questions about SA girls chemistry on the court, AAU travel ball together which Essence Abraham (Dudley) is a member of and so on. So pls 1)do a recap of interview and 2)Just Say Nothing and SHUT UP. Have a great day!!

  • Tracy Burnett said,

    Yeah right…..A person that would comment on a “innocent interview” and then judge??? Your the one with the “ruffled feathers” and an apparent “axe to grind”.That interview period is your problem… that’s calling it like it is.

  • Paul Bunyan said,

    No blue ox or AX (the cologne brand is Axe) to grind. Why does an opinion get classified as an attack or as being upset?

    To be accurate Andy mentioned Western (not Dudley) center, not the SA coach or players.

    Folks, gotta learn to accept critique if you want to make it far in life. Take it as a chance to improve and not an opportunity to be angry.

  • Let's be honest and adult said,

    If you are talking about the coach’s comments then I can guarantee that this was his very first interview (and probably not expecting it) and the Dudley coach gets interviewed 3 or 4 times a season if not more…if you are talking about the kids then its crazy to judge them – that’s all I’m saying

  • dred judging said,

    Wasn’t a judgement. It was a statement. Didn’t say everyone had to agree.

    As a head coach in the Metro, I think media questions come with the territory. Prepare, prepare, prepare.

  • Let's be honest and adult said,

    Just wondering @dred judging….what’s your take on the Dudley interview that was just posted in regards to the Maize vs Page post player Colman? As someone suggested earlier: “It’s something that coaches and students are taught how to do at the college level. Why not develop it at the high school level so potential college coaches see a well rounded player?”…..I don’t care either way, just curious of how all players/coaches could prepare better.