New High School Basketball Polls are in/out and it is Conference Tournament Week

Posted by Andy Durham on February 21, 2013 at 4:58 pm under High School | Read the First Comment

We are going to roll with the Polls this week without the records and come back and add all of the updated recoreds/marks in, after all of the Tournament games are complete…One could go crazy trying to keep up with all of the records in a wide-open week like this one…It is hard enough trying to keep up with all of the games and the scores from this week’s Conference Tournaments…..Here is what we have from the polls and remember, the real season starts next week…It is on as of today(Thursday), for the NCISAA and NCCSA schools with tournaments where if you lose, you are done for the year…..The real season is just four days away and next Monday, either you won, or you are one-and-done….

Boys Public School Poll:
1)Southwest Guilford
2)Dudley….Finished (12-0) conference and now (13-0) after last night’s ‘W’ vs. Grimsley
3)Northeast Guilford(19-2)
5)Smith….Looking pretty good right and hoping for upset vs. $4 Tonight(Thursday)
6)Northern Guilford
7)Northwest Guilford…Upset in Round One of Conference Tourney
8)Ragsdale….Lost in Round One of Conference Tourney to lower seeded team
9)Southern Guilford…Qwan McCauley one one the top post men in our area…Kid can play…
10)Eastern Guilford

Boys Private School Poll:
1)Wesleyan…Round One winner earlier today(Today) at the NCISAA
2)High Point Christian
3)Greensboro Day School…..Come Saturday could be #1…
4)New Hope Christian
5)New Garden Friends School…Our thoughts still go out to these young people with the loss of Josh Level…We were one of the first to break the story here on Tuesday night…
6)Vandalia Christian…..High expectations and must win it all to make this season complete….Time for Miller and his teammates to shine…
7)Westchester Country Day….Season still on the line for WCD…
8)Bishop McGuinness
9)Calvary Baptist
10)Caldwell Academy

Girls Public School Poll:
2)Northern Guilford
3)High Point Andrews
5)Southeast Guilford
6)Southwest Guilford
7)Northwest Guilford
8)Southern Guilford
9)Eastern Guilford
10)Smith/Western Guilford

Girls Private School Poll:
1)New Hope Christian
2)Greensboro Day School
3)TIE:New Garden Friends School/Bishop McGuinness
5)Calvary Baptist
6)Vandalia Christian/Caldwell Academy
9)Westchester Country Day
10)High Point Christian Academy

Boys Combined Poll:
1)Southwest Guilford
6)Northeast Guilford
8)New Hope Christian
10)Southern Guilford/Northern Guilford….Based on play and what we aaw last Friday night vs. Northeast Guilford, in a 64-62 win by the Storm over the NEG Rams, this spot belongs to SG this week, even though they are down two more spots in the public school poll, they deserve two jump up two spots, in the overall poll….Got to give it up this week to the Southern Guilford Storm…..This team is on the quicks….Our new man on the scene this week is, Qwan McCauley….
Northern has strategically made their move since mid-season and since that time the Nighthawks have been bound and determined to get back to the .500 mark and at one time since being at (3-11), they are now at (15-10)…The Nighthawks have made their move with a man known more for his football moves than for his basketball, but this kid T.J. Logan can do it all with a basketball too…The kid has hops and he can get stops and there is no stopping him, when he gets within 3-5 feet of the basket…..

NG and SG have made their moves and that is why we have moved them up in the overall poll….May seem crazy to some, but when you are in line for your due, you have to do the do and give the ‘due’ too…..I don’t know about you, but this poll looks whole and and I might be in a hole six feet under by dawn, but who cares, as long as you are ‘doing the do’….

*****Hey, if nothing else, maybe overall readership pro or con, will be up this week.*****

  • joe said,

    Andy,you got it wrong not having NW Guilford over Southern and Northern Guilford in combined boys poll….we beat Northern twice this season (one was a blowout) and beat Southern convincingly….yes,we had a early round exit in the Piemont 4a tournament vs HP Central and frankly played our worst game of the year but consider our 17-7 regular season record…..we were never struggling to get to .500 like those two teams…….bad call.